Canvas How-To: Groups

Creating Group Sets and Groups

Groups and Group Sets help instructors organize students into teams. At least one Group Set must exist before any Groups can be created. Other options include automatically creating Group Sets and Groups, as well as allowing students to self-enroll in a group. 

Creating a group set

How do I add a group set in a course?

How do I manually create groups in a group set?

How do I manually assign students to groups?

Creating Groups and Assigning Students Automatically

Assigning students automatically to a group

How do I automatically create groups in a group set?

Enabling Self-Sign Up Groups

Enabling self sign-up for groups

How do I create self sign-up groups in a group set?

Making an Assignment a Group Assignment

You can create a group assignment by using the Group Assignment checkbox. Canvas uses group sets to assign group assignments, and each group within the group set that is assigned to the assignment is required to complete the assignment. When creating or editing a group assignment, you can assign an assignment to specific groups. You can also set different due dates and availability dates for a group within an assignment that is assigned to the rest of the class.

Making an assignment into a group assignment

How do I assign an assignment to a course group?

Viewing and Monitoring Group Activity

As an instructor, you can view what is happening in groups by viewing each user group from the People page of the course. You can view student activity within the group and view group-created content. You can also access student groups to create group collaborations and add other group-specific content if necessary.

Viewing a group homepage in a course

How do I view content and student activity within a group as an instructor?