Canvas How-To: Flipgrid

Flipgrid in Canvas

Flipgrid is a free video discussion tool that allows for threaded video discussions in your Canvas course. In Flipgrid, a 'grid' is a kind of discussion board - you create one for each course that uses Flipgrid. Within each grid you create one or more 'topics' that are the prompts for class discussions. It has nothing to do with flapjacks.

  • Canvas Access Control - Only students in your Canvas course can access and participate in your connected Grids. 
    • Students can still join on mobile but must start within the Canvas app.
  • Speedgrader - Add a Flipgrid Topic for your next Canvas Assignment. Student videos automatically show up in Speedgrader.
  • Anywhere, Anytime - As long as students click the green + within Canvas, they can record on any computer or on the free Flipgrid iOS + Android apps.

NOTE: Flipgrid recording does not work in the Safari browser. Use Chrome or Firefox. 

Enabling Flipgrid in a Canvas Course

Please read the How to integrate Flipgrid tutorial.

Make sure you....

  1. Create a free Flipgrid account by clicking "Signup with Microsoft" and use your Stan State account credentials.
    • Students do not need to create Flipgrid accounts. Their information (name, email) will be made available in your assignment thanks to the integration.
  2. Follow the instructions in the guide above for generating the 'key' and 'secret' to link your Flipgrid account with your Canvas course.
    • You can integrate additional courses with Canvas using the same key and secret, and Flipgrid will generate a unique grid for each course. Remember, grids are like the whole discussion board.
  3. Create a Canvas Assignment and set the Submission Type to External Tool, and choose Flipgrid as the external tool.
    • When you create a Flipgrid assignment in Canvas, Flipgrid creates a new topic using the name of the Canvas assignment and puts it in the grid associated with that course. Remember, topics are like individual forums in a discussion board.

Flipgrid Support Resources

Flipgrid integration is made available within Canvas but is not a licensed university tool. The Office of Academic Technology can only provide very limited support. Users should consult Flipgrid's support service for help with technical questions or issues.

Using Flipgrid as an Assignment and Grading

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