Sequential Enrollment - MJC

In partnership with Modesto Junior College (MJC), we are offering a sequential enrollment program that allows MJC Nursing students to complete 4 courses that are a part of the online RN-BSN program at Stan State during their summer semesters.

Course Schedule

Summer 2018             

NURS 3600- Transcultural Nursing (3 units)        6/4/2018-7/27/2018
NURS 3700- Nursing Research (3 units)              6/4/2018-7/27/2018        

Summer 2019              

ART 4500-Art, Museums and Society (F2 & G)    6/3/2019-7/26/2019
ANTH 3010 - The Great Discoveries (F3)             6/3/2019-7/26/2019

Please note: Financial Aid is not available for these courses.

For more information, please visit the MJC Nursing website:
Dual Admission/Sequential Enrollment Pathway