Next UP: Forward Thinking @ Stan State

2021 Series Presents


Stanislaus State’s presentation series Next UP: Forward Thinking continues this fall with a watch party and interactive live discussion of the documentary film “exiled,” which is based on the personal experiences and 25 years of research on trauma and refugees by Pollie Bith-Melander, an assistant professor of social work at Stan State.

thumbnailHearts and Hands in Soil: Instilling a Sense of Place

At a time when food system challenges are increasing due to the impacts of the climate crisis, such as our imminent summer of increased drought and wildfires, campus gardens offer a way to reconnect people to the source of their food and its importance to their health.

Join our panelists as they discuss how campus gardens can be a tool for breaking down barriers that impede social justice and provide a common language that transcends perceived differences by providing education in the growth of nutritious, affordable food, and green space. For those who work in sustainability, they help instill a sense of place for students that is instrumental in educating them to live sustainable lives and advocate for sustainable policies.

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thumbnailCOVID-19, Mental Health and Addiction

The inaugural Next UP presentation will focus on COVID-19, Mental Health and Addiction. Dr. Suzanne Whitehead and Quenna Martinez talk about the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and addiction. Dr. Shrinidhi Subramaniam describes research evaluating the effectiveness of contingency management to treat substance use disorder.

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