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Mobile Devices

To increase working space on a Bb content page for mobile devices with screen sizes less than 1024 pixels, the navigation menu on the left side will auto-hide.
This is a feature of responsive design.
To open the navigation menu on your mobile device, tap the blue or gray bar on the left or the arrow in a circle icon () on the upper left side of the page.
Multiple taps may be necessary.


The menu auto-hides on a laptop or desktop computer browser when the window size is less than 1024 pixels.

  • Click the blue bar on the left side of the page or the arrow in a circle icon () on the upper left side of the page to open the menu.
    (Blue bar and arrow icon appear at different page widths.)
  • To keep the menu visible, set the browser window larger than 1024 pixels wide and click the link to the page again.
  • When the browser window is above the preset size, the menu should remain open.
  • If you increase the window size and the menu doesn't remain open when you navigate, exit the Bb course site by going to the StanState Bb page and re-enter the course with the wider window or full screen already set.
  • If the issue continues, you will need to change your computer display settings.  
    Set the computer screen resolution greater than 1024 pixels wide (or use the recommended setting) and the browser View to 100% (or click Reset).
Bb 6/18