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Blackboard Course Navigation Menu 

To increase working space on a Bb content page for mobile devices with screen sizes less than 1024 pixels, the side menu will auto-hide.
To open the navigation menu on your mobile device, tap the blue bar on the left.

This action also happens on computer browsers when the window size is less than 1024 pixels.

Although you can open the menu on your computer by clicking the blue bar or the Arrow Icon on the left side of the page, you can avoid the auto-hide action by having your browser window open to a size larger than 1024 pixels.  You may need to open to full screen.
If you are working on a device that will not allow you to open the window to that size, the menu will continue to auto-hide

When the browser window is above the preset size, the menu will remain open.

If you increase the window size after the menu hides, and the menu does not open, exit the Bb course site by going to the StanStateBb page and re-enter the course with the wider window or full screen already set.

Some users find the Firefox browser is less susceptible to this menu action.

Bb 4/18