Under the auspices of the CSU eAdvising initiative Stanislaus State is implementing technology that supports accurate and timely advising. Through these tools and cross-campus collaboration we hope to impact student success and timely degree completion.


Tool 1: STAN Degree Progress

Commonly referred to as the degree audit, a consultant evaluated our system to ensure its successful full deployment. Recommendations for improvement were implemented.

Tool 2: STAN Scheduler

STAN Scheduler was acquired and implemented in Spring 2014. The tool integrates with myCSUSTAN to assist students in creating a semester schedule that meets their educational and life demands.


Enrollment Services continued to work with the PeopleSoft consultant to implement improvements to STAN Degree Progress.


In preparation for STAN Planner, major roadmaps were reviewed and updated. STAN Scheduler enhancements were implemented.


Tool 3: STAN Planner

STAN Planner is a planning tool that provides a personalized multi-semester plan based on a student’s major and progress. Fully integrated with STAN Degree Progress and STAN Scheduler, this tool is highly anticipated.

General Project Timeline

October 2016 Orientation and project kick-off.
November 2016 Technical install and requirement collection.
December 2016 Start building templates. Demonstration to Deans and Department Chairs.
January - March 2017 Continue building, testing, reviewing. Decision to go-live with all undergraduate majors made. Guide Group convened.
April - May 2017 Faculty and staff advisor training and validation.
July 2017 Student testing with Summer Bridge students and participants of STEM Discovery Academy.
August 2017 Department training continues.
September 2017 Advisor testing access through September 8.
September 20 Go-live!