Mission Statement

The Stanislaus State Department of Music strives to develop and deliver cohesive, comprehensive and effective instruction for our students, intended to provide them with a broad array of tools, skills, perspectives, and understanding crucial to navigating a rapidly evolving musical landscape. The Department of Music also values its role in Central and Northern California, and seeks to actively participate in the cultural and educational life of our region.

Specific goals of this mission include:

  • To prepare and train outstanding collaborative and solo performers; skilled, effective teachers; thoughtful, expressive composers; and sensitive musicians ready for multiple other vocational contexts;
  • To develop critical thinkers in music who value tradition and innovation, cultural diversity, arts advocacy and engagement, and overall excellence in the arts;
  • To engage the local communities of which we are a part through active performance event outreach and collaboration;
  • To serve our region through outreach programs, cultural offerings, sponsorships, partnerships, and more.