Frequently Asked Questions

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Information packets, containing medical, roommate preference, camp schedules, and a statement of fees will be mailed to all registered campers.

  1. When do we arrive on the first day? When do we leave on the last day?
  2. Where is the camp located?
  3. How do I get to camp?
  4. How do I apply?
  5. Is a physical examination required?
  6. Do you have scholarships available?
  7. How do I prepare for placement auditions?
  8. What is a performing area?
  9. What should I bring? What should I wear?
  10. Where will I live? May I choose my roommate? Where will I eat?
  11. What happens at camp?
  12. How can a camper be contacted during camp?
  13. What happens if a camper chooses not to follow the rules?
  14. Are the campers supervised during free time?
  15. What if a camper gets sick or injured?
  16. Can a counselor give a camper his/her daily medications?
  17. Do I have to audition at camp?
  18. What if I need special accommodations?
  19. What do we do all day?
  20. How do I know my child will be safe? Are the campers chaperoned?
  21. If I have to cancel my registration, can I get my money back?
  22. I don't want to haul my instrument to camp. Can I rent one there?
  23. Is there a refrigerator in my room?
  24. How many campers live in a room?
  25. Do I have to bring my own bedding?
  26. Where should my parents and friends send mail to me?
  27. Will my parents be able to reach me in an emergency?
  28. What benefits are provided to commuting campers?
  29. How will I and my parents know when events are scheduled?
  30. Can I bring my car to camp?

1. WHEN DO WE ARRIVE ON THE FIRST DAY? WHEN DO WE LEAVE ON THE LAST DAY? Registration for all students (including commuters) will take place in the center of the residence complex (see university website for a map) between 1:00-3:00pm on the first day of each camp. Resident students will be given their room assignments at these times. Commuters can arrive closer to 3:00 to check in, since they don't need time to move into a room.

Placement auditions for all band, orchestra and piano students will be at 3:30. Choral students do not have auditions, but will meet with Dr. Afonso at 3:30.

The final day of each camp is concert day. The junior session concert usually begins at 2:00 and is finished by about 4-4:30. The senior session piano concert usually begins at 1:00, the band/choir/orchestra concert at 2:30, and everything is finished by about 4:30-5:00.

2. WHERE IS THE CAMP LOCATED? Turlock, California, along Highway 99 in California's Central Valley about 15 minutes south of Modesto. An Arrival Booklet will be sent in May with further information. You can also see a map.

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3. HOW DO I GET TO CAMP? Any student arriving by bus, plane or train must phone the camp director's office (209) 664-6654 at least one week in advance to make arrangements to be picked up by camp staff. The closest point of arrival by train is Denair. The closest airport is Modesto, and the bus station is in Turlock.

4. HOW DO I APPLY? Applications will be accepted until June 1 and must be accompanied by the $100 (nonrefundable) application fee. Fees are lower if you register before May 15th. Because enrollment is limited, we recommend that students apply early. After the June 1 deadline, please contact the camp office before submitting a late application. Camper accounts must be paid in full by June 1st, or a $25.00 late fee will be applied. Please instruct scholarship donors to submit funding before the June 1st payment deadline. If scholarship funding is not received by this deadline, parent/guardian will be responsible for payment in full.

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5. IS A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION REQUIRED? No. However, an emergency medical/consent form will be included with each registered camper's packet. The parent or guardian must sign the form and return it to the camp office before camp begins.

6. DO YOU HAVE SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE? Yes, please email us for more information. (Scholarship applications are due April 1st.)

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7. HOW DO I PREPARE FOR PLACEMENT AUDITIONS? All campers participate in auditions to determine their placement into performance groups on the first day of camp. You should see the arrival booklet for requirements.

8. WHAT PERFORMING ENSEMBLES ARE AVAILABLE? Campers select one main performing ensemble - band, choir, orchestra, or piano. In addition you will have the opportunity to take new creative electives in the afternoon.

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9. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? A camper arrival booklet and other camp materials will be sent to all registered campers. This booklet has all the information regarding a camper's preparation for camp.

10. WHERE WILL I LIVE? MAY I CHOOSE MY ROOMMATE? WHERE WILL I EAT? Campers who are on-campus residents will be housed in dormitories on the CSUS campus - women in one dorm and men in another. Campers are housed in 4-room suites. Campers may request roommates by emailing, or calling the camp office. All students concerned must email, or call and request. Three meals a day are provided in the cafeteria-style dining hall.

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11. WHAT HAPPENS AT CAMP? After breakfast, a camper's day is filled with classes and rehearsals. These continue after lunch. The remainder of the day is filled with recreational activities led by the counseling staff, a pool party, a trip to a local amusement park, or student/ faculty recitals.

12. HOW CAN A CAMPER BE CONTACTED DURING CAMP? Campers can be contacted through the staff dorm office and the Music Department office. These numbers will be made available to parents/guardians on check-in day.

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13. WHAT HAPPENS IF A CAMPER CHOOSES NOT TO FOLLOW THE RULES? The camp is for students who want to be here. A student not following the rules and guidelines of the camp demonstrates that he/she may not actually want to be here. First time a warning is given, second time parents are called, and third time the camper may be asked to go home.

14. ARE THE CAMPERS SUPERVISED DURING FREE TIME? Yes. We have a counseling staff who monitors and supervises the campers during evening events and some non-class hours. Our staff is comprised of men and women who are college age and older.

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15. WHAT IF A CAMPER GETS SICK OR INJURED? The camp has access to the University Health Center and if necessary the student will be taken to Urgent Care. If campers require transport, the camp has a University car, driven by a counselor.

16. CAN A COUNSELOR GIVE A CAMPER HIS/HER DAILY MEDICATIONS? Students are responsible for their own medication. HOWEVER, all medications must be turned in at registration and will be kept in the camp office for dispersal. Medications should be in a medi-pak, or ziplock bag, which bears the camper's name and identifies each time of dosage. As a legal requirement, all medications must be in the original packaging, or bottles, that identify the prescribing physician, the name of the medication, the dosage and the frequency of administration. Be sure to bring enough medication to last the entire time the camper is at camp. All medications MUST be listed on the health form.

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17. DO I HAVE TO AUDITION AT CAMP? Yes. The audition process on the first day of camp determines the camper's placement in the appropriate ensembles or class levels.

18. WHAT IF I NEED SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS? Any special needs should be listed on the health form and submitted before June 1. Please also call the camp office if special accommodations are required.

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19. WHAT DO WE DO ALL DAY? A sample schedule is included in the brochure. There will be rehearsals for all the performing groups. Depending on your class schedule, you might be in a music theory class, enjoying a music listening class, or getting some extra attention in your area of musical interest in a master class. The master class will be held with a specialist on your instrument. Maybe you will be in a beginning piano class, or practicing for a special recital, or playing in an ensemble. Commuter campers will eat lunch on campus.

After your lunch break, you will go back to classes and rehearsals until 6:00 p.m. After dinner, Resident campers may want to return to the dorm and visit with friends. At night, you will be attending concerts, or enjoying organized recreation or swimming, etc. For further details see the Arrival Booklet.

20. HOW DO I KNOW MY CHILD WILL BE SAFE? ARE THE CAMPERS CHAPERONED? We enforce a strict attendance policy by taking attendance in classes and other events. We do a room check in the dorms at night, and they are expected to be where they are supposed to be. If they're not where we think they should be, we have procedures to find them quickly. Any attendance problems will result in dismissal from Camp and your right to a refund will be waived.

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21. IF I HAVE TO CANCEL MY REGISTRATION, CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK? The $100.00 application fee is nonrefundable. The tuition fee is not refundable after June 1. If you are unable to attend camp as originally planned, you must submit a request for a refund in writing before June 1. In the case of serious illness (doctor's verification needed) which results in a camper needing to go home, a prorated refund for the non-housing and food portion of the tuition will be granted.

22. I DON'T WANT TO HAUL MY INSTRUMENT TO CAMP. CAN I RENT ONE THERE? Summer Music Camp cannot lend musical instruments. With advance notice, the camp is sometimes able to locate a limited number of instruments, such as tubas and string basses, for rental. If necessary, please contact the Summer Music Camp office for further information. Lockers are provided to store your instrument.

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23. IS THERE A REFRIGERATOR IN MY ROOM? All suites include a refrigerator and a microwave.

24. HOW MANY CAMPERS LIVE IN A ROOM? The dormitory suites are designed for quad occupancy (four beds, four desks, four chairs, etc.). All suites have 4 single rooms with a shared bathroom and living room. To view the floor plan, click here. If you are disabled and need special accommodations please notify us by June 1 .

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25. DO I HAVE TO BRING MY OWN BEDDING? Yes, you are responsible for bringing (1) Extra long (regular size are manageable) twin-size bed linen (top and bottom sheets, blanket, bedspread or sleeping bag), (2) Pillow and pillowcase, (3) Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths, (4) Personal toiletries (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, make-up, hair dryer, etc.), (5) alarm clock and (6) Clothes hangers.

26. WHERE SHOULD MY PARENTS AND FRIENDS SEND MAIL TO ME? See the Arrival Booklet. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MAIL AFTER WEDNESDAY OF CAMP, it probably will not make it to them before camp is over.

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27. WILL MY PARENTS BE ABLE TO REACH ME IN AN EMERGENCY? A telephone list will be provided to you and your parents on Registration Day.

28. WHAT SERVICES ARE PROVIDED FOR COMMUTING CAMPERS? Tuition includes lunch, daytime recreation program, and the Sunday dinner.

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29. HOW WILL I AND MY PARENTS KNOW WHEN EVENTS ARE SCHEDULED? The weekly performances are listed in the Arrival Booklet. You'll also receive an events schedule on the first day of camp.

30. CAN I BRING MY CAR TO CAMP? Yes. A parking permit will need to be purchased. The cost is $6.00 per day (weekdays only). Drivers must surrender their keys to the camp director for the week of camp. Students are not allowed to leave campus unless written permission has been given to the camp director at or before registration.

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