Second Year Clinical Experiences

Students will complete four 10-week clinical internships beginning with the summer session following completion of first year coursework. A variety of placements are available including rotations in pediatric, prenatal and cancer, as well as specialty clinics such as metabolic, infertility, cardio- and neuro- genetics clinics.  Clinics are located in university medical centers, HMOs and community based hospitals, giving students a breadth of understanding of complex health care settings.  Due to the ethnocultural diversity of the San Francisco Bay area, students will learn to work with interpreters or for those students with second language proficiency, providing genetic counseling services in patients’ native languages.  Many genetic counselors in the area are able to supervise students wishing to utilize their multilingual skills. The logistics of identifying and assigning students to the internship sites are carried out by the Clinical Coordinator. 

The average number of clinical case encounters seen by each student well exceeds the minimum requirements set by ACGC (Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling) and which are necessary to become board certified genetic counselors following graduation.

Clinical Supervision

In addition to on-site supervision during each rotation, students meet with the Clinical Supervisor for bi-weekly individual meetings throughout the clinical year.  This supervisory experience provides continuity in each student’s professional development.

Clinical Training Sites *

  • UCSF-Benioff Children’s Hospital-Pediatrics and General Genetics
  • UCSF-Prenatal Diagnosis
  • UCSF-Mt. Zion Cancer Risk Program
  • UCSF-Infertility
  • UCSF-Cardiogenetics
  • UCSF-Metabolic
  • UCSF- Memory and Aging Center-Neurogenetics
  • UCSF-Benioff Children’s Hospital, Oakland-Pediatrics
  • Kaiser Permanente Oakland- Prenatal, Pediatric/General and Cancer
  • Kaiser Permanente San Francisco-Prenatal, Pediatric/General and Cancer
  • Kaiser Permanente Sacramento-Prenatal, Pediatric/General and Cancer
  • Kaiser Permanente San Jose-Prenatal, Pediatric/General and Cancer
  • Sutter Health San Francisco- Prenatal Diagnosis
  • Sutter Heath San Francisco- Pediatrics
  • Sutter Health San Francisco- Cancer
  • Sutter Health East Bay- Cancer
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Prenatal
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation-Cancer
  • Pacific Reproductive Genetic Counseling-Infertility
  • John Muir Medical Center-Cancer
  • Santa Clara Valley Medical Center-Prenatal, Pediatric/General and Cancer
  • Stanford Hospital-Cancer
  • Stanford Hospital-Neuromuscular
  • Stanford Hospital-Cardiogenetics
  • Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford-Prenatal
  • Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford- Pediatrics
  • UC Davis Medical Center, MIND Institute- Pediatrics
  • UC Davis Medical Center- Prenatal Diagnosis
  • UC Davis Medical Center-Cancer
  • Prenatal Diagnosis of Northern California Medical Group, Inc.
  • Genetic Medicine Central California-Cancer and Pediatrics

*Students may elect to be placed in sites outside of the Bay area during their summer rotations with advanced arrangements required

Industry Training Sites 

In addition to traditional clinical settings, students are also encouraged to benefit from the program’s close proximity to Silicon Valley and explore expanding roles of genetic counselors via internships within the growing number of Bay Area biotech companies.  If students have a specific field of interest, the Program will do its best to ensure that they receive the relevant experience related to that sub-specialty or discipline.

  • Color Genomics
  • Cord Blood Registry
  • Counsyl
  • Invitae
  • Illumina
  • Personalis