Curriculum Details

Our Online MBA offers an optional Finance Concentration! You simply take three Finance electives to fulfill the requirement.

The following courses are required for the program (24 units)

ACC 5110 - Management Accounting (3 units)

MGT 5310 - Business Organization, Theory and Behavior (3 units)

MKT 5410 - Marketing Management (3 units)

CIS 5620 - Computer Information Systems (3 units)

FIN 5210 - Managerial Finance (3 units)

OM 5630 - Seminar in Quality and Productivity Management (3 units)

MGT 5900 - Integrated Business Strategy and Culminating Experience (3 units)

The following is a list of required elective courses in the program (9 units)

Elective courses to be determined.

Total required for the degree (30 units)

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