Q: How many courses would I need to take to get my Master of Business Administration degree?

Q: May I begin the program without having satisfied the GMAT requirement?

Q: I'm working- full time right now. Are courses scheduled so that I can attend classes in the evenings after work?

Q: Who makes up the student body of the MBA program? Do professionals attend?

Q: How do I apply to the MBA Program at Stanislaus State?

Q: Do I have to take any special tests, like the GMAT?

Q: I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, but its eight years old. Would I need to take the foundation courses?

Q: I do not have an academic background in business or any related field but have been working within business; do I still have to complete the foundation courses?

Q: What are the requirements for letters of recommendation?

Q: What happens if I don't satisfy the GMAT/GRE requirements during my first term?

Q: I have a hold on my account, what does this mean?

Q: I received conditional admission, but only participated in six units, may the conditional admission be extended for another term if I only participate in three units?

Q: Why am I limited to nine units during my term of conditional admission?

Q: What GPA is used to calculate the total score needed on the GMAT/GRE?

Q: What is the cost for this program?