Q: How many courses would I need to take to get my Master of Business Administration degree?

A: The Master of Business Administration is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 30 units of Core and Electives courses. Before beginning the core courses, students are required to have satisfied the foundation course requirements (this may increase the total number of classes taken).

Q: May I begin the program without having satisfied the GMAT requirement?

A: Yes, resident students can take one semester of core/elective classes without having satisfied the GMAT requirement. Prior to registering for the second semester this requirement must be satisfied. Unfortunately this does not apply to international applicants. For international student conditional admission options, please contact the MBA Program at mbaprogram@csustan.edu.

Q: I'm working- full time right now. Are courses scheduled so that I can attend classes in the evenings after work?

A: Yes. MBA courses will generally begin at 4:30pm or 7:20pm. Start times might occasionally divert from these times.

Q: Who makes up the student body of the MBA program? Do professionals attend?

A: The program is intended for the active manager or technical supervisor as well as the recent graduate who is interested in advanced study in the field of business administration. Elective courses are used to expand knowledge of a particular discipline or to further enhance a broad managerial perspective.

Q: How do I apply to the MBA Program at Stanislaus State?

A: Qualified individuals holding a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university may be admitted to the program. Each applicant must apply to the University and the MBA Program. Please look at our Admissions page for more detailed information.

Q: Do I have to take any special tests, like the GMAT?

A: Yes. The following is to be submitted to the Coordinator of the MBA Program, College of Business Administration. Beginning Fall 2005 the GRE has been accepted as an approved substitute for the GMAT. This requirement is not waived.

  • International students satisfy take the TOEFL requirement, for more information please go to the International Students web page.

Q: I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, but its eight years old. Would I need to take the foundation courses?

A: No. Exemption from any or all of the foundation courses requires completion of the equivalent to successful completion of the bachelor's degree within ten years prior to admission to the program.

Q: I do not have an academic background in business or any related field but have been working within business; do I still have to complete the foundation courses?

A: Depending on the type of work and previous courses taken, some foundation courses might have to be satisfied.

Q: What are the requirements for letters of recommendation?

A: Letters of recommendation should not be older than one year from the start of the term which you are applying for. These should include the date, name, signature and contact information of the author. Letters of recommendation may be from professional, academic, and/or personal sources.

Q: What happens if I don't satisfy the GMAT/GRE requirements during my first term?

A: Unfortunately, you will be unable to continue in the MBA Program until the GMAT or GRE requirements are completed in full; this means remedial courses or retaking the exam.

Q: I have a hold on my account, what does this mean?

A: If this is an MBA hold, it can be for foundation courses, GMAT/GRE completion, or remedial course completion. Students working on foundation courses must contact the program for advising during each term; the hold will be cleared to allow for next terms registration. For GMAT/GRE and remedial holds, these will not be cleared until the requirement is satisfied and official notification is posted (official score reports received, grades posted on students accounts, or official transcript received). For Enrollment Services or Financial Aid holds, please contact that department directly.

Q: I received conditional admission, but only participated in six units, may the conditional admission be extended for another term if I only participate in three units?

A: No. The conditional admission only lasts one term.

Q: Why am I limited to nine units during my term of conditional admission?

A: Units completed under a conditional admission are considered transfer units. The University only allows nine to be applied towards a graduate degree.

Q: What GPA is used to calculate the total score needed on the GMAT/GRE?

A: The GPA used for GMAT/GRE score calculation is the GPA calculated at the time the University application is submitted and processed by The Graduate School.

Q: What is the cost for this program?

A: View the University Tuition and Fee Schedule.