Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics SMPP

Bachelor of Arts With Mathematics Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP)

Upper Division Elective:

Other Requirement for Students Who Are Seeking Credential and/or Applying to Credential Program


SMPP Approval (Form V)

            Dr. Björg Jóhannsdóttir


            Phone: (209) 667-3547

            Office: Science I building Room S111

Prerequisites for the credential program


In addition to regular math classes and SMPP Approval (Form V), students who are seeking credential program are required to take prerequisite and/or co-requisite courses from CSU Stanislaus prior to the application to the credential program. Please check the following website and click on the appropriate Information link for the up-to-date requirements:

Additional Information

Visit Credential Services website for additional information  (


Fall 2022 Application Information for our Credential Programs

Applications for ALL programs are FULLY ONLINE

Please submit your application through Cal State Apply 

           1. Click Below for Cal State Apply Application Guide

2. Regular Application Period for Elementary and Special Education (Ed Specialist) - January 28 - March 1st, 2022

3. Regular Application Period for Secondary Education - January 28- March 1st, 2022

There are two separate applications to enter the Credential Program.

1. Application to the University Graduate School, $70 fee. Apply online at

            2. Application to the Credential Program, $30 fee. For application information click on the        
               Credential Services link above.

  • Preparation for taking credentialing exams, such as the CBEST and the Single Subject Math CSET I & II

All credential candidates must pass the CBEST, both to enter into the credential program and also to obtain a credential. Math teacher candidates who are not on the SMPP tract will also need to take the Math CSET’s I & II. Passage of these two CSET’s will earn a foundational level math credential.

  1. Contact Information:

            Mr. Alfredo Jr Vargas


            phone: (209) 667-3589

            DBH 307


  1. Stan State offers CBEST Workshops and Single Subject Math CSET I & II Review Sessions. (


  1. Teachers Test PREP offers online workshops for CBEST and Math CSET I & II. Students can check out the services offered and view sample videos at


  1. Mr. Alfredo Vargas has a CBEST tutor on staff who works one-on-one with students who are struggling to pass the CBEST. Students who have failed any of the three sections at least once, are eligible to receive tutoring services. The service is free. Please contact Alfredo for a referral.

      5. Mr. Alfredo Vargas has both CBEST and SSCP Math CSET I & II preparation manuals that he                 loans to students. Please contact Alfredo if you would like to check one out.

      6. If you have questions about the exams, Mr. Alfredo Vargas offers credentialing examination                     advising.


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Career Advice

Career Training


Career Opportunities

  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates from NSF:


            (For more additional information on the graduate school, please clikc on the following link to

            Dr. Brian Jue's website:

California Energy Commission:  


Note: For additional information on Job/Internship opportunities, please click on the following link to Dr. Brian Jue's website:


Additional Information on Mathematics:

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