Graduate School Links


Cal Career Center: Graduate School

This page is maintained by my alma mater, Cal Berkeley. It helps you decide if graduate school is for you, and it guides you through the admissions process.

Annual Survey Groupings of Departments

The American Mathematical Society ranks graduate departments in different categories. This is a quick way of comparing two schools, but picking a graduate school is not as simple as choosing the one ranked higher.

Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences

Are you seriously considering graduate school in mathematics? The American Mathematical Society compiles a list of available funding opportunities at graduate schools across the country. This link opens up a 121 page pdf file. If you would rather look at a hard copy, you are welcome to borrow mine.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The National Science Foundation awards about 1000 fellowships each year to students beginning their graduate study in mathematics. These are extremely competitive, but well worth ($$$) the effort if you receive one.

How to get the mentoring you want

This is a publication put out by my other alma mater, the University of Michigan. This covers issues like how to pick an advisor, which is one of the most important decisions you will make in grad school.

All the Mathematics You Missed (But Need to Know for Graduate School)

The title of this book says it all. Topics include linear algebra, vector calculus, differential and analytical geometry, real analysis, point-set topology, probability, complex analysis, set theory, algorithms, and more. However, you do not need to know absolutely everything in this book to have a strong background for graduate school. Even half would probably suffice. Available at the Vasche Library.

Graduate Record Exam

The GRE is the SAT for future graduate students. Some schools want your scores on the general test, some also want scores from the subject test in mathematics, and some schools require neither. If you need to take the GRE, make sure to register before the deadline. Late registrations are expensive!

Professional Science Masters

The Science Master's is a Professional M.S. degree in science or mathematics for students interested in a wider variety of career options than provided by current graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics. Open to bachelor's degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, or engineering, the new self-contained Professional M.S. degree programs prepare students for work in fields such as consulting, banking, insurance, research management and technology transfer.

Professional Master's Degree Programs in Mathematics

A directory of over 100 master's degrees from mathematics departments that offer programs for training mathematics students for specific professions, including finance, industry, actuary, and teaching.

University Lists

The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center lists colleges across the country and the graduate degree programs they offer. However, they caution that their pdf list is not all-inclusive.