Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI)

CSU Stanislaus Math and Science Teacher Initiative.pdf
CSU Stanislaus initiative designed to increase preparation, support and certification of highly-qualified math and science teachers. (209) 667-3589.

California State University Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) Tool Kit
A clearing house of information on math and science teacher preparation programs and support initiatives within the California State University system.

Mathematics CSET Workshops - Subtests I & II.pdf
Funded through the CSU Stanislaus Math and Science Teacher Initiative and sponsored through a partnership with the Central California Mathematics Project, preparation sessions are provided free-of-charge prior to each CSET examination administration date to CSU Stanislaus Mathematics Teacher Candidates.

California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST) On-line Tutorials and Preparation Workshops

  • Sponsored by the CSU Stanislaus Department of Teacher Education and the Math and Science Teacher Initiative, free on-line tutorials are available to prospective mathematics and science teachers.
  • CBEST Workshops - CBEST Workshops are provided prior to each examination administraion date by the CSU Stanislaus Teacher Recruitment & Retention Program. Interested teacher canididates should call (209) 667-3589 or e-mail for dates and registration information.

Pre-Program Advising for the Single Subject Teacher Credentialing Program

Advisor: Brandon Sternod, SSCP Coordinator
Office: DBH 328A - See Map
Telephone: (209) 664-6715

Advisor: Angie Zimmerman, Field Services Coordinator
Office: DBH 329 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3367

Advisor: Tara Ribeiro, Teacher Recruitment & Retention
Office: DBH 322 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3589

Program Advising for Undergraduate Math and Science Teacher Preparation

Department of Mathematics

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Abram
Office: DBH 267 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3593

Department of Biological Sciences

Office: N259 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3476

Department of Chemistry

Advisor: Dr. Nhu-Y stessman
Office: N363 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3555

Department of Physics

Advisor: Dr. SusanMokhtari
Office: N175 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 664-6728

Department of Geology

Advisor: Dr. Horacio Ferriz
Office: N162 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3874

Advisor Math & Sciences

Advisor: Tara Ribeiro
Office: DBH 322 - See Map
Telephone: (209) 667-3589

Financial Aid Advising