Course Descriptions

BIOL 5010 Advanced Writing in Environmental Science (4 units)  Provides realistic exposure to environmental review and analysis, involving intensive skills development in project management, bibliographic research, statistical analysis, and preparation of technical reports. (Lecture, 2 hours; activity, 4 hours) (Spring 2014, Spring 2016)

BIOL 5030 Ecosystem Services and Ecology (3 units)  Examination of services provided by healthy ecosystems, how services are affected by ecological degradation, and the ecological parameters that must be considered in developing and maintaining healthy ecosystems. (Lecture, 3 hours) (Fall 2014, Fall 2016)

BIOL 5170 Restoration Ecology (4 units)  Investigation of the principles and practices of ecological restoration. (Lecture, 3 hours, laboratory, 3 hours). (Spring 2015, Spring 2017)

BIOL 5500 Research Design for Ecologists (4 units)  A practical, hands-on survey of experimental design and methods, and ecological statistics used by environmental scientists. Emphasis will be placed on published analyses of stressors on ecosystem structure and function. (Lecture, 3 hours; Laboratory, 3 hours) (Fall 2013, Fall 2015)

BIOL 5940 Internship in Biology (2-4 units)  A volunteer or professional work experience consistent with the student's graduate program. A minimum of 40 hours of work experience per unit of credit is required. (Fall, Spring)

BIOL 5941 Directed Field Research (2-4 units)  Field research, usually conducted off-campus, under supervision of a faculty member in Biological Sciences or joint supervision of the University and the agency assigned. Prerequisites: Graduate standing and consent of student's graduate advisor.  (Fall, Spring)

BIOL 5961 Graduate Seminar in Ecology and Sustainability (1 unit)  Seminar format course in which each student presents information and leads discussion on topic selected for the semester. Topics change each semester. Each student is required to take this course three times. (Fall, Spring)

BIOL 5990 Thesis (3-6 units)  Preparation, completion, oral defense, and submission of an acceptable thesis for the master's degree. Prerequisites: Open only to graduate students with consent of student's graduate advisor. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

ECON 5960 Graduate Project (3 units)  Under the direction of the project advisor, the student will prepare, complete, and orally defend the findings of a graduate level project. Project proposals must be approved by the project advisor(s). Prerequisites: Graduate standing, consent of student's graduate advisor, and consent of instructor.

ECON 5940 Economics Internship (3 units)  Supervised field experience in a selected area of economics. Formal written report(s) will be required. May be repeated for a total of 6 units.

ECON 5570 Ecological Economics (4 units)  Focuses upon the relationship between economic systems and the biological and physical world. Uses an interdisciplinary approach for evaluating social and environmental problems by examining the linkages between economic, social, and ecological systems. Prerequisites: ECON 2500 & ECON 2510 (or ECON 5050), ECON 4560, and Graduate Standing, or permission of instructor.

PADM 5310 Environmental Planning, Policy & Law (3 units)  Provides public administrators and environmental scientists with understanding of relevant public policies and laws; roles, resources, and constraints facing environmental public and non-profit managers; and basics of planning and policy analysis. (Spring 2014)