About Marketing

Marketing focuses on creating value in the exchange relationship between the firm and the markets it serves. As such, marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting customers and stakeholders to a business and in building long-term relationships with these individuals or groups.

Fundamentally, marketers must be able to see and understand the world from their customers’ perspective. This requires specific marketing activities including the measurement and interpretation of market forces, cultivation of market opportunities, development of products and/or services to match market opportunities, marketing communications, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, sales management, direct marketing, and
e-marketing. Marketing also requires conscious choice regarding social responsibility and corporate ethics.

Students will take 24 units of prerequisites for the Business Administration major, 26 units of core Business Administration courses, and 16 units of Marketing concentration courses.

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Course Spotlight

MKT 4430: Selling and Sales Management
Planning, direction, and control of sales personnel and selling activities. The role of personal selling in the marketing of consumer and industrial products and services. Analysis of successful sales opportunities, characteristics, and techniques.