MSCP Program Requirements For Liberal Studies Majors

General Requirements

1. Applications
a.) Stanislaus State Graduate Application -€“ Cal State ($70 fee)
b.) Credential Program Application ($30 fee)
2. Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement
The required GPA is 2.75 in the last 60 units or 2.67 overall. Students with a minimum 2.5 GPA in the last 60 units will be considered for “Special Admission.”

Admission Requirements

1. Tuberculosis Clearance- Good for only 4 years.
2. CCTC Certificate of Clearance - Livescan

3. CSET Multiple Subjects Examination
Non- Liberal Studies candidates must pass ALL three subtest of the CSET Multiple Subject Examination. Passage is required by the MSCP application deadline or submit proof of registration for the closest score report date.

Stanislaus State Liberal Studies candidates must submit the Verification of Elementary Subject Matter Program (Form V). Candidates will need to have completed at least 4/5 of the Liberal Studies program when submitting the MSCP application. 

2. Basic Skills Requirement
Applicants must submit proof of passage of ONE of the following options OR registration for either option a) or b).
a) CBEST EXAM * (all 3 sections)
b) CSET Writing Skills Exam*
c) CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP-English and Math taken in Spring of 11th grade with a “College Ready” or “Exempt” score).
d) CSU Placement Examinations- English Placement Test (EPT) with a score of 151 and Entry Level Math (ELM) with a score of 50).
* Passage is required by the MSCP application deadline
Note: Stanislaus State Liberal Studies candidates do not have to pass in order to be admitted at this time, but must submit proof of registration OR registration for option a) or b).

3. Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA)
Credential students should take this exam only after completing the credential program course on how to teach reading since this test assesses a candidate’s knowledge of teaching reading. When you register, request that Stanislaus State receive electronic verification of passage. If this is not possible, candidate must submit paper transcripts for verification of passing. This test is an exit requirement for the credential program.

4. California Teacher Performance Assessments (CA TPAs)
Teacher candidates must complete and pass the four CA TPA tasks. These tasks are separate, but are interrelated. Each task was designed with a specific sequence in mind as students learn to plan lessons, develop assessment plans, deliver instruction, and reflect and analyze lessons. The coursework within the Credential Program will prepare students for the CA TPAs. TPA orientation meetings are held at the beginning of each semester for students to better understand the process.

Pre-requisite Requirements
(Stanislaus State Liberal Studies majors satisfy these requirements in Libs program)
These requirements must be met prior to taking courses in the credential program, but do not have to be met prior to submitting an application.

1. English Composition (Not required for CSU Graduates)
There are two ways to meet this requirement:

  • Complete an upper-division English composition course OR
  • CBEST writing score of 41 or better.

2. Early Field Experience
Students must complete 45 hours of observation and have experience working with students in classrooms (grades K-6) prior to being admitted to the credential program.
3. Entry-Level Computer Competency
This requirement can be satisfied in one of two ways: by completing a computer course or by submitting documentation which demonstrates knowledge of word processing, internet usage, presentation software, and email usage.

Co-requisite Requirements

All co-requisite courses should be completed prior to admittance to the credential program, but may be taken concurrently and completed before student teaching.
1. American Government/ Constitution (Not required for CSU Graduates)
PSCI 1201, American Government or equivalent course from another institution. *
2. Child Development
PSYC/ CDEV 3140, Human Development I: Childhood or Nursing 1040 Human Development over the Lifespan or equivalent course from another institution. *
3. Second Language Experience
Generally, it is 3 units of foreign or sign language or 2 years of high school foreign language (same language) with a grade of “C” or better. EDUC 4460 meets this requirement for Spanish bilingual students.
4. Cultural Views on Bilingualism - EDUC 4460 (Required for Spanish Bilingual students only).
* Check with Credential Services for other course equivalents.

Program Starts:

At Stanislaus State students may begin the Credential program at several points during the year.
1) Begin in the Summer Term continuing through the Fall Semester with Student Teaching in Spring; or
2) Begin in the Spring Semester continuing through the summer with Student Teaching in the Fall.

Credential Program Course Requirements

Note: EDMS 4100 and 4150 may be taken prior to admittance to the credential program. Libs majors may apply and begin the MSCP before completing a BA and may earn post-baccalaureate credit in their final semester for courses beyond the BA.

Summer Term - 10 units

  • EDMS 4100 Foundations of Education in A Diverse Society (3 units)
  • EDMS 4150 Methods of Multilingual Education (3 units)

(Note: EDUC 4400 Foundations of Multilingual Education, Spanish bilingual students)

  • EDSE 4160 Foundations of Special Education (1 unit)
  • KINS 4165 School Health and Safety (1 unit)
  • EDIT 4170 Educational Technology Foundations (2 units) *

Semester 1 (Fall or Spring) 14-17 units
Reading/Language Arts Methods – Take one of the following courses, depending on program emphasis:

  • EDMS 4110 Primary Reading/Language Arts Methods: English Instruction (5 units) or

EDMS 4111 Primary Reading/Language Arts Methods: Spanish
Bilingual (5 units). or
EDMS 4112 Primary Reading/Language Arts Methods: Primary Language Support (Southeast Asian) (5 units)

  • EDMS 4121 Mathematics Methods (3 units
  • EDMS 4130 Science and Health Methods (3 units)
  • EDMS 4140 History/Social Science and Visual and Performing Arts Methods (3 units)
  • EDMS 4150 Methods of Multilingual Education (3 units) (If not taken in Summer)

(Note: EDUC 4400 Foundations of Multilingual Education, Spanish bilingual students)

Semester 2 -€“ 12 units

  • EDMS 4190 Student Teaching Practicum I (4 units)
  • EDMS 4191 Student Teaching Practicum II (5 units)
  • EDMS 4180 Classroom Management/Professional Standards (completed during student teaching semester) (3 units)


* Preliminary Educational Technology Requirement
The Preliminary Educational Technology Requirement can be met in one of two ways:
a) Pass the two subtests of the Preliminary Educational Technology Requirement Examination. Or
b) Take EDIT 4170 Educational Technology Foundations course for 2 units after admission to the credential program.

Prompt Admission to the Credential Program

To increase the possibility of enrolling in your preferred courses, times, and locations, apply on time and submit a complete file.

When to Apply to the Credential Program
You may apply to the credential program
1) if you have completed a bachelor's degree (BA or BS) or
2) if you are close to completing your degree (generally, in the last semester of the BA/BS program).

Applications should be submitted six months prior to beginning of the MSCP program. Applications are accepted in Feb-April for the Summer/Fall and September-October for the Spring.

Application Procedures
The application forms are available:
- Turlock Campus, Credential Services (DBH 303)
Submit completed applications to Credential Services:
- Turlock Campus (DBH 303) or
- Stockton Campus, Acacia Court Building

Frequently Asked Questions About MSCP

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Program?
The program is 36 units, including student teaching. Full-time students can complete the program in one year if enrolled in both semesters, & summer term. Students who start in summer can finish by the end of May. Students who begin in January finish by the end of December.

How Much Does It Cost?
Full-time students pay about $9,000 in total tuition and overall book costs are approximately $700.

Can I Take Only a Few Courses Each Semester?
Many of our students take courses on a part-time basis. Generally, we advise students to complete a minimum of two courses per semester. Students can take fewer units if they prefer. The 16 weeks of student teaching must be completed on a full-time basis.

How Long Is Student Teaching? Who Finds the School? Do We Get Paid for Student Teaching?
Student teaching is 16 weeks long and takes place the last semester of the program. The University finds the placement for the student teacher. Whenever possible, our goal is to place all student teachers in schools in the towns where they live. Student teachers are not paid and must pay tuition for the student teaching units and supervision.

Do You Have Paid Internships?
Yes. Stanislaus State has intern agreements with most school districts in San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties. Intern teachers do not complete student teaching; their paid intern teaching replaces student teaching. Students who are hired as long-term substitutes may obtain pay and credit for student teaching at the same time.

Do You Offer Assistance in Passing the CSET and RICA Exams?
Contact the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Office (DBH 322 667-3589) for information about upcoming workshops.

Is Your Program Accredited? What Happens If I Want to Teach in Another State?
Stanislaus State is fully accredited by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and by the National Commission on Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). If you go to another county or state, you will have university transcripts that detail the courses and program that you completed.

Additional information available: or
Credential Services: 667-3534, DBH 303
Dr. Anne Weisenberg, Multiple Subject Coordinator:
667-3474 or
Dr. Juan Flores, Coordinator of Bilingual Program:
667-3292 or