Math Walk-in Schedule

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Math Walk-in Tutoring 

In continued interest of health and safety and in response to the campus accelerating social distancing, the Learning Commons has suspended face-to-face tutoring. The Learnig Commons now offers services online via Zoom. 

Attend Math Walk-ins via Zoom:

Zoom Link: No Summer Tutoring

There will be an experienced math tutor available via Zoom for any of your lower division math questions. Please be respectful when joining the open Zoom session, there may be other students seeking assistance on the call. 

Math Walk-In Schedule

Fall 2020 Coming Soon


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Math Walk-in Tutoring Available for
Lower Division Math Course
Listed Below

MATH 1600    Statistics
MATH 1601    Statistics with Support I
MATH 1602    Statistics with Support II
MATH 1610    Statistics for Decision Making

Finite Math
MATH 1500    Finite Math
MATH 1551    Finite Math and Business Statistics I
MATH 1552    Finite Math and Business Statistics II
MATH 1553    Finite Math and Business Statistics III

Elementary Foundations of Math
MATH 1030    Elem. Foundations of Math I
MATH 1035    Elem. Fnd. of Math with Support IA
MATH 1036    Elem. Fnd. of Math with Support IB
MATH 1040    Elem. Foundations of Math II

College Algebra
MATH 1070    College Algebra
MATH 1071    College Algebra with Support I
MATH 1072    College Algebra with Support II

MATH 1100    Precalculus
MATH 1410    Calculus I
MATH 1420    Calculus II

MATH 1080    Trigonometry
MATH 1000    Excursions into Mathematics


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