Masters of Arts in Physical Education

The MA in Education, Concentration in Physical Education is currently not accepting applications. Please contact Dr. Erin Hall, Department Advising Coordinator ( for information regarding admission.

Concentration in Physical Education

The Master of Arts in Education, Concentration in Physical Education program offers participants an environment in which they can develop as effective educational leaders. Being an effective educational leader in physical education not only means being competent in the subject matter and being able to integrate that content with appropriate pedagogical methods, but it also includes being culturally knowledgeable and appreciative of the diversity among learners, being committed to self assessment and reflection, being partners, educational advocates, and learners at the school level and in the wider community, as well as being users of technology that enhances teaching and learning. Furthermore, it means understanding how to identify questions or problems in physical education, having the skills to research the question or problem, and being committed to sharing research-based knowledge to influence positive change.

Most current candidates in the program are teaching physical education and/or coaching in elementary and secondary schools. Some candidates are also preparing for employment at the collegiate level and in related professional fields, or preparing for further graduate study.

For requirement information regarding the Masters of Arts in Education program please visit the University Catalog.