Health Promotion

Health Promotion Mission

The mission of the faculty of the Health Promotion Concentration is twofold. First, our mission is to professionally prepare exceptional health promotion students that can serve in a variety of health settings of practice, including schools, work-sites, communities, with individuals, and in the health care system. The second is to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases within a given population utilizing a holistic approach to the dimensions of health. This degree path is designed to prepare students for careers in the settings of health promotion, and/or to enter a graduate program related to the dimensions of health.

Health Promotion Student Learning Outcomes

The objectives of this concentration are to enable students to:

  1. Evaluate and research the dimensions of health from a holistic approach.
  2. Examine through assessments the capacity of and need for a holistic approach to the dimensions of health.
  3. Design, implement, and manage programs related to a holistic approach to the dimensions of health.
  4. Determine appropriate resources related to a holistic approach to the dimensions of health.
  5. Support lifelong growth of self and others utilizing communication and advocacy as it relates to a holistic approach to the dimensions of health. 

Health Promotion Program Overview

The health promotion program concentration in kinesiology provides students with an understanding of a wide range of health topics including public health principals; community health issues; risk factors and prevention; behavior-change theory and application; health promotion program assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation. The health promotion program educates students to utilize an ecological framework to approach the determinants of health holistically. 

Students may wish to begin their career, continue their education, and/or become a certified health education specialist (CHES) after graduating from the health promotion program. No matter the goal, students will be prepared to address emerging individual and public health challenges. 

Written in the Department of Kinesiology's 5-year action plan was the goal of moving the health promotion concentration to a Bachelor's Degree. We are currently moving forward with this and are awaiting approval from the University at this time. The proposed new degree will be a B.S. in Public Health Promotion. This will allow the department to comply with the California State University Executive Order 1071. 

What is Public Health Promotion?

  • Watch this video on various jobs described by individuals working in the field 
  • Watch this video from the Society for Public Health Education: Roles of Public Health Education Specialist 
  • Watch this video concerning "The State of Global Health"

Careers and Continued Educational Options

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This concentration also requires a practicum course your last semester. To learn more, please select the Health Promotion Practicum tab

Contact Name Email Phone
Ping Luo, Ed.D. (Professor) 209 667 3565
Brent Powell, Ph.D., CHES (Assoc. Professor) 209 667 3348
Wura Jacobs, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor) 209 667 3347
Eric Conrad, Ph.D., CHES (Assistant Professor) 209 667 3326
Heidi Santino, M.S. (Practicum Coordinator)  

Outstanding Student Health Promotion, 2019 -  Alexxa Banuelos


Outstanding Student Health Promotion 2016 - Consuelo Hernandez

Outstanding Student Health Promotion 2017 - Bryan Jimenez

Outstanding Student Health Promotion 2018 - James Nelson