Labs and Services

All labs are open to students when no classes are scheduled. Arrangements may be made with instructors to use lab computers during class time. Click More Details under each lab for a detailed class schedule.

Modern Languages Lab LX3

Modern Languages Computer Lab

This ultra-modern computer lab provides students the opportunity to utilize a wide variety of multi-media material and software as they hone their language skills.

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Music Lab M46

Music Technology Lab

So you want to be a rock star? Learn how to produce and record your own material with professional software and computer equipment.

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Geography/GIS Lab LX2

Geography/GIS Computer Lab

Geography enters the 21st century! Students use state-of-the-art software and computer equipment to examine the multiple facets of modern technology in the field of Geography.

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CD Burning Service LX1

CD Burning Service

Audio material is available for most language courses. Drop off your blank CD-R disks or USB drive in the Drop Off box outside LX1 for your own copies of this material. Please make sure your name and class are on your disks and allow 24 hours for your disks to be returned.

Available Audio Material...