Program Level Survey Instruments

The Office of Institutional Research assists in data collection procedures that vary from large-scale University-wide assessment surveys to program-level assessment instruments that impact student success.

As with all assessment efforts, the value of a program-level assessment survey depends on whether or not faculty, administrators, and staff members can use the results to support their ongoing processes and activities. This listing below provides samples of instruments previously and/or currently used by units.

Course or Program Level Survey Instruments

The Office of Institutional Research is pleased to provide assistance with the design and administration of online program level assessment surveys for its University clients. Online surveys are a very cost-effective and time-saving assessment method. By using email to distribute your survey, printing and mailing expenses are eliminated. Online surveys may also enhance response rates due to the respondents’ ability to participate in an environment they prefer. To request assistance from the Office of Institutional Research with your no-cost program level assessment survey, please fill out the Data Request Form, or you may email your requests to or contact our office directly at 667-3281.