Ling Zhao, Research Analyst

Ms. Ling Zhao has served as a Research Analyst since January 2004 and, bringing with her the knowledge of SAS software programming that the unit had been lacking for some time. Ms. Zhao'€™s primary responsibilities include extracting historical and current student data from the university’s various databases (i.e., Brio Reports, Hyperion Designer, and PeopleSoft), and extensively utilizing SAS to merge data files and perform data analyses.

Ms. Zhao routinely updates large-scale datasets including retention and graduation rates and grade distribution for longitudinal analyses and various research studies. She is also responsible for updating the Campus Data Portfolio, a comprehensive set of data tables that fulfill a multitude of reporting requirements, and are critical in the academic program review process. These tables display student admission, enrollment, retention, and graduation trends, including demographic information, at the university, college, and program levels. Ms. Zhao also is responsible for providing data to comply with various reporting requirements, developing and maintaining CSU Stanislaus IR SAS software programs and complex data files, and preparing ad hoc reports and tables for analysis and decision-making. 

Prior to working at CSU Stanislaus, Ms. Zhao worked as a Major Data Analyst in the Office of Institutional Research at Mississippi State University for two years and served as Research Associate in the Microbiology Institute at the Chinese Academy of Science for ten years.

Ms. Zhao holds a bachelor'€™s degree in Chemistry and a master'€™s degree in Statistics.