Retention and Graduation Rates

The following tables provide annual retention and cumulative graduation rates for first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen and first-time transfer student entering cohorts. The first-time, full-time freshmen retention and graduation rates methodology follow IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey (GRS) guidelines, and Consortium for Student Retention and Data Exchange (CSRDE) criteria. The percent of students completing their degree program within 150 percent of normal time €or within six years is commonly referred to as the institution'€s graduation rate.€ There are two sets of criteria for tracking first-time transfer retention and graduation rates. The first set of criteria was developed internally, and include upper-division (junior level and above), California Community College (CCC) transfer students enrolled full-time at entry. The second set of criteria is as reported to the Consortium for Student Retention and Data Exchange (CSRDE) and is the same criteria used for tracking transfer students for the CSU Graduation Initiative (GI) 2025. The CSRDE/GI 2025 sub-cohort include sophomore level and above, CCC transfer students enrolled full- or part-time at entry.

*For additional information and interactive reports related to student success and improvement of retention and graduation rates at the college/department/major level, please visit the CSU Faculty Dashboard, accessible from the CSU Student Success Dashboard (Campus Log-in Required).

First-Time Freshmen

University-Wide Level

Supplemental First-Time Freshmen Retention/Graduation Rates Reports

First-Time Transfers

University-Wide Level

Supplemental First-Time Transfer Retention/Graduation Rates Reports