Institutional Data

Institutional data are collected and analyzed by the Office of Institutional Research (IR). IR is responsible for maintaining accurate, current, and relevant university data related to planning, managing, operating, or auditing various administrative and academic functions of the University. The office reports to and places first priority on work for the Provost and for the Officers of the University, while also providing data to oversight agencies and information to external audiences, for responding to mandatory Federal and State enrollment reporting requirements, for managing enrollment analysis projects for the University, and provides research and analysis of special studies as needed.

For specific information on admissions, enrollment, new student enrollment, degrees conferred, retention and graduation rates, course enrollments (including Student-to-Faculty Ratio and average class size), as well as faculty and staff at CSU Stanislaus, go to the following sections to access data tables containing specific information at the university-wide, college, and department and/or program level, if applicable. The following data have been made available to the university community for the purpose of fulfilling Academic Program Review data needs.