Create Qualtrics Account

Creating a Qualtrics Account


Only CSU Stanislaus faculty, staff and students are permitted to create a CSU Stanislaus Qualtrics user account via the CSU Stanislaus log-in portal.

Instructions to create a CSU Stanislaus Qualtrics account:

  1. Go to the CSU Stanislaus Qualtrics Survey log-in portal or copy and paste the following URL into your browser ( If you go to the public Qualtrics website and create a trial account, any surveys you create and data you collect will not be accessible from the CSU Stanislaus Qualtrics site.
  2. Using your university credentials, enter the first part of your CSU Stanislaus email address (i.e., enter everything before the and password.
  3. Qualtrics will ask if you already have a Qualtrics account. Select "I don't have a Qualtrics account" unless an account has been created prior to CSU Stanislaus Qualtrics license. Users will then be asked if they are a student. If you are not a student, please uncheck the box that says "I am a student."
  4. Read the CSU Stanislaus Terms of Use Policy. If you agree to the Terms of Use, check the box labeled "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use" and then click the "I accept" button. Please note that a Qualtrics account will not be created until you agree to the CSU Stanislaus Qualtrics Terms of Use.
  5. Once you have completed this process you will automatically be given access to your user account in Qualtrics.