Core Indicator 7: Quality of Support for Learning

Inquiry Circle 2 and WASC Standards 1,2,3, and 4

Measure Data Collection and Evidence
Budgetary priorities in planning/allocation documents Strategic Plan: Framing the Future
Strategic planning priorities linked to educational quality Strategic Plan: Framing the Future

Strategic Plan Implementation
Strategic Plan Tracking Matrix

Resource support for faculty development Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Support Unit Review
Faculty workload agreements Workload Agreement
Hiring patterns sufficient to support instruction and learning CSU Academic Human Resources
Diversity of faculty, staff, and administration Faculty Composition

Staff by Gender/Race/Ethnicity

Level of funding to library in support of instruction, research, and learning University Library Support Unit Review
Instructional technology support focused on instructional technology for learning Instructional Technology Workshops

Technology Presentations, Workshops and Forums

Allocation of appropriate academic space as it relates to pedagogy Campus Faculty Survey

IDEA Aggregate Data: Faculty Contextual Questions

Financial and personnel support for assessment Office of Assessment and Quality Assurance: Support Unit Review
Financial and personnel support for Institutional Research Office of Institutional Research: Support Unit Review