Core Indicator 2: Quality of Teaching

Inquiry Circle 2 and WASC Standards 2 and 4

Measure Data Collection and Evidence
Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness

Student rating of their progress on 12 IDEA learning objectives
Student ratings of the instructor
Student ratings of the course
Student ratings on 12 learning objectives identified as "essential" by faculty
Student ratings on 12 learning objectives linked to primary teaching approach
Relationship of faculty selection of primary teaching approaches linked to faculty selection of "essential" learning objectives

Faculty pedagogical approaches

Faculty selection of the 12 IDEA learning objectives
Faculty selection of 10 IDEA primary approaches to teaching
Faculty selection of 7 course requirements
Faculty ratings of 9 circumstances that impact learning

Additional Measures for Incorporation:

As a result of the campus 2008-09 review, the following measures and data sources were suggested and will be incorporated into the Core Indicators report for AY 2009-10.

Program definitions of teaching proficiency Departmental Elaborations Summary
Faculty definitions of teaching effectiveness

Faculty Voices
Outstanding Professor Award statements
Teaching philosophy statements