Assessment is a process that entails the systematic gathering of information and the analysis of information for the purpose of improving student learning and development. The Assessment process is not static, but dynamic and ongoing, and involves multi-methodological approaches. Ultimately, data and information are used to enhance the decision-making process in fulfillment of the University mission.

University-wide Assessment

University-wide Assessment Methods

Program Level Assessment

Benchmarked and Disaggregated Data

Benchmarked and Disaggregated Data Review: Information on Student Achievement (2009).pdf

Peer Institutions

Selecting Peer Institutions

Peer Institutions

Stanislaus State uses several peer groups for benchmarking its performance.

Sources for Peer Data

A majority of data used in our peer comparisons comes from a variety of sources depending on how it is to be used. The links below contain information from external sites that provide peer statistics and comparisons.

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