Stanislaus State Campus Data Portfolio

The Campus Data Portfolio is an end of year report that contains an extensive assortment of information about the students, academic programs, and employees at Stanislaus State. The student enrollment tables along with the faculty and staff data tables in this publication display information primarily for the fall term. College or academic year data are displayed in various tables, namely full-time equivalent student (FTES) enrollments and degrees awarded. All of the data tables contain a five-year history or trend of numeric data. All of the charts display a 10-year trend. This publication is a cooperative effort of various units on campus, coordinated and issued annually by the Office of Institutional research. The primary data source is the University'€™s Enrollment Reporting System (ERS) data files. These data are consistent with data reported to and published in the CSU Office of the Chancellor'€™s Statistical Abstract and Statistical Report and the National Center for Education Statistics’ Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

In efforts to improve access and utility, starting with the 2009 edition this publication is only available online at the Office of Institutional Research website and includes the option to download the full report in PDF format, or download individual tables in PDF or Excel formats. While paying close attention to the needs of the University community, the Office of Institutional Research is also engaging in efforts to accommodate the impact of the challenges faced by the budget and will not be offering a hard-copy publication of the Campus Data Portfolio.

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  1. A notes page containing definitions of terms used throughout this report is included in the publication and each individual table or chart contains source information and additional notes specific to that table or chart. Please read before you contact the Office of Institutional Research.
  2. To view all tables and charts, click on Show All at the top of this page.
  3. The Office of Institutional Research grants permission to reproduce any data from the Campus Data Portfolio for research, reporting, or strategic planning purposes that facilitate or promote the University’s mission and goals.



Current listing of undergraduate and graduate degrees programs offered, and accredited programs.

Student Enrollment

Fall term headcount enrollments by college, degree program, student level, and demographic characteristics, as well as full-time equivalent student (FTES) enrollments for the college year. Also includes various headcount and FTES enrollment data for the Stockton Off-Campus Center.

New Undergraduate Student Enrollment

Fall term headcount enrollments by college, degree program, and demographic characteristics for first-time freshmen and first-time undergraduate transfers.

Student Achievement

Degrees awarded by college, degree program, degree level, and demographic characteristics for the college year; retention and graduation rate for full-time first-time freshmen and full-time first-time upper division California Community College undergraduate transfers.

Faculty and Staff

Fall term employee counts by race/ethnicity and gender.