Dashboards Overview



The admission dashboard provides information on who applied, admitted and enrolled at Stan State by gender, ethnicity, region, age, etc.

Campus Profiles

Campus Profiles

The campus profiles dashboard provides an overview of our first time Stan State students and our Stockton Campus students.



The enrollment dashboard provides information on who's enrolled at Stan State by student level, Pell eligibility, first generation status, major, gender, ethnicity, and county of origin.

Student Success

Student Success

The student success dashboard provides information on retention and graduation rates as well as degrees earned by gender, ethnicity, age, major, etc

Academic Unit Profile

Academic Unit Profile (AUP-Report Server)

The AUP is a decision-making support tool for each academic department that covers seven year trends for five major areas: Student Enrollment, Faculty, Degrees Conferred, Course Enrollment, and Retention/Graduation Rates.

Enrollment Managment

Enrollment Management (Report Server)

The enrollment management dashboard provides information on enrollment projections, course demand, and bottleneck courses.

Student Success Report server

Student Success (Report Server)

The student success dashboard provides information on retention and graduations rates by major, student demographics, and student programs as well as, student program participation with core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).