Shipping & Receiving


  1. Receive all incoming shipments from vendors that are procured through the Purchasing department or ordered via a department procurement card.
  2. Maintain accurate and complete records of delivery receipt logs.
  3. Special handling of hazardous materials.
  4. Delivery of all UPS and Federal Express parcels
  5. Property Control tagging of all State property.
  6. Pick up of Surplus property.

General Procedures

  1. All purchase orders are processed in a timely manner. Special deliveries of priority materials or emergency orders take precedence.
  2. Receiving personnel date stamp all bills of lading, packing slips, and invoices. The purchase order is clearly marked to indicate the exact quantity and date received and is initialed by the checker. All serial numbers and state property numbers are noted in such a manner as to easily match items.
  3. The material received is compared to both the packing slip and purchase order and checked for correct quantity, item description, and damage. The material is re-packaged, carton or cartons re-sealed, and marked as to its destination. All packing slips receiving logs are included with the order for signature by the department at time of delivery.
  4. Copies of packing lists and receiving logs on partial orders are kept as reference until the purchase order is complete.

Returning Goods

  1. The Procurement Department is notified immediately if anything is incorrect with the shipment (e.g.,  wrong color or size, incorrect stock number, etc.). The Procurement Department will resolve the problem with the vendor.
  2. If the goods are to be returned, the Procurement Department will provide Shipping & Receiving with the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.
  3. The item is repackaged and returned within 30 days.


Our campus goes through thousands of printer toner cartridges each year, and because these spent cartridges contain residual toner chemicals, they should not be thrown away in the regular waste stream. In an effort to provide a safe method for disposing of used toner cartridges, we are asking the campus community to follow the procedure below for removal from campus.

  1. Remove empty printer toner from printer.
  2. Remove new printer toner from box and install in printer;
  3. Place empty printer toner cartridge into replacement cartridge box
  4. Place box in the clearly marked "Used Toner Bin" located in copy centers and paper recycling areas throughout campus buildings. Location "drop off points" for each major building are listed below. Do not leave the toners in the hallway or put in front of campus mailboxes. If you do not have a new printer toner box available, you may put the toner cartridges in a different box. The empty toner must be in a box to avoid ink spillage onto carpet, clothes, furniture, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Office Max will NOT pick up any toners not in a box, and Facilities Custodial Services will NOT pick up any trash receptacles that contain unboxed toner cartridges.

  • Used toner bins will be emptied on a regular basis by Facilities Services, and used toner cartridges will be stored in the Receiving Warehouse.
  • Office Max will then collect all boxes from the Receiving warehouse on a regular basis for recycling.

Recycle Cartridges Toner Drop Off Locations

Building Location
Bizzini Hall C 134C
Library Library Dock Area
MSR M 010 Mailroom/Print Shop, MSR 120, MSR 270, MSR 360
Naraghi Hall of Science N 126A, N 324A
University Union U 106
Demergasso-Bava Hall DBH 149