Record Management

Record Retention Policy

As set forth in the California State University, Stanislaus Records/Information Retention Policy (pdf) the University has a Records/Information Retention Program that complies with legal and regulatory requirements and implements operational best practices according to the CSU Systemwide Records/Information Retention and Disposition executive order(s).

Record Retention Management

Management of University records that must be retained for specific periods of time is handled by Support Services.

The Records Retention Officer is the official steward of University records delegated by the Vice President of Business & Finance.

The Record Retention Database is maintained by the Record Retention Officer of all records stored in Centralized Storage.

The University is required to comply with the Chancellor€™s Office Record Retention Schedule.

Each University department is required to identify a Record Custodian; the individual who maintains the department information pertaining to centralized record storage and departmental record storage. The Department Records Custodian is the functional individual responsible for serving as a liaison to the Records Retention Officer on all record retention matters.

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