Property Management - Maintenance

Property Management - Maintenance

Tagging of CSU Stanislaus & Non CSU Stanislaus Property

Question: How does property get tagged?

Property Control is responsible for tagging all c`apital and noncapital property but the Campus Receiving Department does the physical placing of tags on all equipment received on campus. Departments receiving capital or noncapital property that has not been tagged, should notify Property Control immediately.

Physical Inventories

Question: Who inventories department's property?

Property Control conducts inventories on a random two-year cycle basis. As departments are scheduled for inventory, Property Custodians having property assigned to or located in the scheduled building or locations (per the property records) will be notified by letter of the inventory date. Once the entire cycle of locations has been completed, departments will receive two completed inventory reports based on all property being found within the department. One report is to be signed by the custodian and returned to Property Control and the second copy is to be retained by the custodian.

Missing Property

Question: What happens during the formal inventory conducted by Property Control if property cannot be located?

Property Control will prepare a Physical Inventory Discrepancy memo to the Property Custodian after the entire audit of the department has been completed. Each department will be given 14 days to locate the property that was "Not Found." If the department is still unable to locate the property after the 14-day grace period, the department will note that the property is missing on a "Report of Missing Items Form". When Property Control receives the report they will forward it to the CSU Stanislaus Department of Public Safety (DPS) for investigation.

Stolen Property

Question: What if my property has been stolen?

Notify CSU Stanislaus Department of Public Safety (DPS) immediately of the loss. DPS will investigate and record on a police report the nature of the loss. The department should notify Property Control also.

Movement of Property

Question: How do departments move, transfer,or dispose, property?

Complete a Property Surplus/Transfer Report form. After completing the form; forward it to Property Control for necessary verifications prior to carrying out your request.

Forms are available from the University Stores Supply Services at a minimal charge or can be downloaded at:

Uses of this form include:

  • Intradepartment - Movement of property from building to building or room to room within the same department.
  • Interdepartment - Transfer ownership of property from one department to another department.
  • Disposal/Salvage - Sending property to surplus because of no further use or it's damaged beyond repair.

Note: A separate form must be completed for each type of transaction.

Taking Property Home for University Use

Question: May CSU Stanislaus personnel take property off-campus for work related tasks?

Removal of property may be authorized only after completing a Property Check Out Form and forwarding a copy to Property Control. The property must be used for University related purposes. The form is a three-part form. The distribution is as follows: White Copy for the department, Canary Copy for the recipient, and Pink Copy for Property Control.

Note: The Department of Public Safety (DPS) periodically questions individuals being seen removing property off-campus. Presenting the canary copy of this completed form to DPS will authorize your need for the property.