Property Management - Dispositions

Property Management - Dispositions

University Property Dispositions

Question: How should departments dispose of property not being used?

If you have property that is not being utilized you should complete a Survey/Transfer Report form to arrange for the property to be sent to the surplus warehouse. Never trade, cannibalize, or dispose of property purchased without approval from the Property Control Department.

Question: What does Property Control do with the disposed equipment?

The order in which the disposal of surveyed property is as follows:

For equipment in working order:

  1. Offer internally first
  2. Offer to all other CSU campuses next IF the item is of major value (purchase price $50,000+) is not obsolete, and has a useful life left. The receiving campus would be responsible for all costs of transportation.
  3. Offer donation by lot to local state-funded school districts
  4. Conduct a sealed bid sale, either by lot, or per item
  5. Offer to Goodwill
  6. Offer to junk dealer

For equipment not in working order:

  1. Offer internally first
  2. Offer donation by lot to local state-funded school districts
  3. Recycle
  4. Destroy and place in campus dumpsite

Prior to removal off-campus, all equipment must have the property tags removed or obliterated. All revenue received from sealed bid must be taken to the University Cashier's Office where it will be recorded as miscellaneous revenue and remitted back to the State. The only exception is when the sale is a one step in a series of transactions, which replaces an old asset with another asset (such as vehicles). The revenue may be retained by the custodial department. A memo of verification from the department custodian must be on file with the Property Survey Report.

Question: Does the Campus have a Property Survey Board?

The management of our University's property requires the engagement of all areas of the campus. A Property Survey Board has been developed to assist Property Control in the function of oversight in the disposition process of the University's property. To the extent possible, the Property Survey Board will include a representative from each area of campus (Academic Affairs, Business & Finance, Student Affairs, Development & University Relations) as well as a member from Public Safety. The Property/Records Coordinator will serve as Chair of the Board. The Chair will hold semi-monthly meetings with the Board to review the disposition of changes to property and report to the Vice President of Business & Finance on a periodic basis. A minimum of two members of the Board will approve all transactions.

Cannibalization of Property

Question: May I disassemble the property when I no longer need it?

This process is called cannibalization. Be sure to notify Property Control so the property can be deleted from the property system. Failure to do so will result in the property not being found during the next physical inventory and reported to DPS as lost or stolen.