Special Event Liability Coverage

Special Event Liability Coverage is designed to protect the Event Sponsor and the University from liabilities and accidents which arise during short-term on-campus events. If an event appears to present risk to the University, the Event Sponsor will be informed that Special Event Insurance may be required as determined by the Risk Manager. This insurance may apply to (1) student sport clubs (2) student clubs and organizations (non-sport) that occasionally have either sport-related events or events determined by the Risk Manager to require coverage and (3) University day camps and clinics taught by University instructors and coaches. Exception: Greek organizations, Associated Students, Inc., and University Student Union have their own separate insurance for their events.This coverage is available only for events that are held on campus and sponsored by the University or a recognized student club or organization. Off-campus persons and organizations desiring to hold an event using University facilities must contact the University Reservations Office for assistance. If any University or student club sponsored event is co-sponsored by an outside entity, person or business, contact the Risk Manager for indemnification and liability guidance. If insurance is required, the Event Sponsor will be contacted by the Risk Manager after he/she has completed an on-line R25 non-class reservation request through the Master Calendar. On-campus Event Sponsors can purchase the insurance through Risk Management. Rates vary depending upon type of event and number of participants or spectators. Events may present additional liability risk for any of the following reasons:

  1. Alcoholic beverage service not provided and served by Campus Dining
  2. Special equipment such as bounce houses, rock climbing towers, or vehicles
  3. Live animals
  4. Physical activities such as dance, sports, or games
  5. High attendance or large number of off-campus attendees
  6. Live performances
  7. Age of participants (under 18)
  8. Duration of event or residency on campus, i.e., overnight camps
  9. Bonfire, barbeque equipment, fireworks, etc.
  10. Food preparation not provided by Campus Dining
  11. Event history on campus
  12. Any other activity or condition that might present additional liability risk to the University not specifically covered by the University's self-insurance program

Coverage is not bound and in force until the Event Sponsor provides Risk Management an account number for the premium, and the Risk Manager signs the insurance binder request. Please allow 10-15 days for coverage to be placed. Insurance must be bound and in force prior to the event taking place.