Individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to Stanislaus State provide important services to the campus and its surrounding communities.  In turn, these volunteers gain valuable experience and a sense of personal satisfaction from performing such services.  Volunteers, who perform work or provide services to the university without financial gain, have had a long-standing relationship with Stanislaus State.  We make every effort to ensure that we promote a productive, safe, and mutually beneficial environment for Stanislaus State volunteers.  

The Volunteer Identification Form (see below) must be completed and submitted to Human Resources with appropriate approvals prior to the performance of volunteer duties. 

*If you are in need of volunteers, then ask about our University’s Volunteer Pool.
*If you are interested in being apart of the University Volunteer Pool, please email HR_Assistant@csustan.edu.

HR Contact

Michaela Dole
Ext.  6986 


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