HR Updates

April 10, 2020

Dear Campus Community:

We have several important updates to share as we implement the policies and laws being created to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSU Hiring Slowdown Enacted

In response to the unprecedented disruptions the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused, the California State University system has indicated that each of its 23 campuses are facing significant financial and other challenges. In consultation with university presidents and CSU executive vice chancellors, CSU Chancellor Timothy White directed all campuses to impose a marked slowdown in hiring practices.

Following the direction of the Chancellor’s Office, Stanislaus State will impose a hiring slowdown for faculty, administrators and staff positions. This measure will remain in effect until further notice. Searches, where candidates have written offers or signed contracts, will be honored. All other searches will be reviewed by President Junn in consultation with the appropriate division head to discuss the next steps and the process for requests and justifications for hires during the slowdown period. HR will provide updates to Stan State’s CHRS Recruiting as needed. The CSU continues to monitor the well-being of all campuses and will make additional changes as warranted.

We sincerely appreciate your continued understanding and responsiveness to this rapidly changing environment.

Student Assistant Employment Updates

Please review the message dated April 9 sent to student assistants to provide information about how their pay will continue as they work and/or use CVD Temporary Paid Administrative Leave (CPAL) to supplement the hours they would have otherwise worked.

CPAL allotment: Student assistants are eligible for up to 128 hours of CPAL. We expect this increased amount of CPAL will ensure pay through approximately May 19 for most students.
Federal Work-Study (FWS) Students: You will be notified by the Office of Financial Aid if your student assistant will run out of their federal work-study allotment prior to May 29. Please confirm with Financial Aid and HR as soon as you know whether you would like to convert the FWS position to a position funded by your department through May 29, 2020. You should not have student assistants work after May 29, 2020 unless approved by President Junn and confirmed by HR.
Time Entry: Managers and timekeepers should ensure that student assistants report on their timesheet their hours worked, if any, and/or CPAL used based on the hours they would have otherwise been scheduled to work.

For example, a student assistant hired to work an average of 20 hours per week is eligible to use up to 20 hours of CPAL per week; up to 128 hours.
If a student assistant was hired to work an average of 10 hours per week, the student is eligible to use up to 10 hours of CPAL per week; up to 64 hours.

CPAL Request Process: Student assistants may request the use of CPAL directly through their manager and report any CPAL usage via their timesheet in Peoplesoft.

All student assistant appointments end May 29, 2020, the end of the pay period. Per the Chancellor’s Office, the hiring slowdown directive applies to student assistant employment. Therefore, please do not assume reappointment for summer will be approved. All summer student assistant employment will be reviewed by President Junn in consultation with the appropriate division head. Please reiterate to your student assistants they may not work past May 29, 2020, unless they have received notification from Human Resources that their reappointment has been approved and they may resume work.

Due to the hiring slowdown approval process, you should submit your summer reappointment requests to your division head as soon as possible.

Student assistants should be appointed only for a time base of work available for them on campus or remotely. Student assistants should not be reappointed for summer just to use any remaining CPAL hours.

Student Employees – Summer 2020 FAQs

Emergency Pay Program Administration

CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7, 9) and Teamsters (Unit 6) are entitled to emergency pay for the hours they are directed to work on campus by their supervisor. All emergency pay hours should be scheduled prior to the work being completed between the supervisor and employee. We will update the Staff FAQs with more information about how to record emergency pay hours for exempt and non-exempt employees.


We hope you find this information helpful and, as always, please contact HR Director Rebekah Temple with questions. Contact Leaves Specialist Krista Vasquez for Leaves questions and Employment and Talent Acquisition ManagerVeronica Taylor for employment questions and Toni Martinez for Unit 11 questions.