FAQs: CSU Learn




What training must I complete, and why?

All Stan State employees must complete Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation (for supervisors or non-supervisors); Eliminate Campus Sexual Misconduct; and Data Security and Privacy. Other courses may be required, based on employee classification and position.

How do I access my training?

You may access your training through CSU Learn at https://csu.sumtotal.host. User guides are also available for your convenience.

I was just hired (or rehired) and will begin employment soon. Can I complete the training before my first day of employment?

No, only active employees can take the training. Training is considered a job duty, which means that employees must be compensated for their time. In addition, employees must have an active assignment in PeopleSoft in order to activate their CSU Learn accounts. We cannot provide access to the training system until all data is entered into PeopleSoft.

I started working, but I still can't access the training system. I get the error, "Could not login with specified username/session." What does this mean?

This error means your data has not been entered into PeopleSoft, so your training account is also inactive. It may take some time (days or weeks) for your record to be complete. The system will automatically notify you once you have pending required training.

I'm retiring soon or in a temporary appointment. Do I need to complete the training?

Yes. All active employees, regardless of their assignment end date, are required to complete the training.

Do special consultants have to complete the training?

Yes. Special consultants are university employees, so they must complete the mandated training. Their specific tasks and number of hours worked are irrelevant.

Do student assistants have to complete the training? Is this in addition to the Title IX ("Not Anymore") training required for all students?

Yes. Student assistants are university employees, so they must complete the mandated training. The student Title IX training is a separate assignment and cannot be substituted for the employee courses.

I received a notification for Defensive Driver training, but I don't drive for university business. Do I have to complete it?

Not necessarily. Defensive Driver training is required for employees who drive for university business (regardless of the distance or duration), and Financial Services will not provide any reimbursement for mileage without completion of the training. The course is assigned by the system based on job classification and expected assignments. However, if you are certain you will not drive for university business, we can remove the requirement from your profile.

My student assistants rarely work, and we don't have the funding to pay for their time to take the training. Do they still have to complete it?

Yes. All employees, including student assistants, are required to complete the training. The training is also considered part of their employment, so if you need more funding to pay for the students’ time, please contact your dean or vice president to discuss your budget.

Our special consultants never have contact with students since their assignments are task-based. Do they still need to complete the training?

Yes. Even if special consultants never physically visit the campus or work with students, they are still considered employees and are required to complete federal, state, and system-wide mandated training.

I took similar training through another organization. Can I use that course as credit, and will the university waive this requirement?

No. Unfortunately, the university has no way to verify or compare the content in courses at other organizations. In addition, our courses contain campus-specific information, including reporting processes and campus policies. We cannot waive the requirement for any mandated training.

I am employed at (or just transferred from) another California State University campus. I completed these courses at my previous campus. Do I need to take them again here?

Maybe. Depending on the courses completed, and the dates you completed them, we may be able to transfer credit from another campus to ours. The easiest way to verify your course completion is if you provide the certificates from the course. If you are unable to provide the certificates, please provide the name of your previous campus and the courses completed, and we will request the information from the Chancellor’s Office.

I just completed the training in 2018, and I just received another notice. Why do I have to complete this course again?

Employees must complete this training on a regular basis. Some courses must be completed annually, and others have a longer deadline. The system begins sending notices 30 days in advance of your due date.

Starting in February 2019, Stanislaus State has fixed dates for most mandatory courses. If you completed a course in 2018, and CSU Learn sent you a notification to complete the course again during spring 2019, please contact Kimberly McField. Please note that the Data Security & Privacy course is an exception, as it is a new course (combined with FERPA) that carries a February 1 due date for all employees. All employees must complete this course during spring 2019, regardless of their last completion date in Skillport.

I have a question that's not answered here. Whom should I contact?

For Skillport and SumTotal general questions, contact Kimberly McField. If you have a question about a specific course, please contact the proper Stan State contact listed on the training matrix.