Transaction Request

Transaction Requests for Current Employees                                  

Below is a brief description of each transaction requiring a Staff/Management Employment Transaction Request. 

Staff & Management Employment Transaction Request (SMER)Position Funding Change 

Type of transaction Brief Description
Reappointment Extends a temporary appointment.
Reasignment A temporary or permanent appointment wherein an employee vacates their regular assignment to assume a new assignment. 
Stipend A temporary monthly payment based on a percentage of the employee's salary with a specific beginning and end date.
Bonus A one-time lump sum.
Time-Base Change Adjusts a position's current time base. (Example: from 1/2 to 3/4, or FT to 1/2)
Pay Plan Change Adjusts a position's current pay plan to another. (Example: from a 10/12 to a 12-month, or 12-month to an 11/12) 
Supervisor Change An employee has had a change in who their supervisor is.