Student Employment


Paula Surratt                                                               Veronica Taylor
Student Employment Assistant                                    Employment & Recruitment Manager 
(209) 664-6986                                                            (209) 664-6735

Required Employment Forms

  to be completed by new hired Student Assistants 

   (See Student Assistant Employment Opportunities)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can my student work full-time over the winter intersession?

A: If your student is enrolled in one or more winter classes, they may work full-time hours on Non-Instructional “white” days in which they do not have a class (including online classes).  For students that are not enrolled in winter classes, they may work full-time hours on all Non-Instructional “white” days.  (Refer to Academic Calendar: click here.)

Q:  Should I inform HR if my student resigns from their student assistant position?

A:  Absolutely.  Regardless if the student voluntarily resigns, if the position ends because of lack of funding, or if they are released from their duties for other reasons, HR must be informed when employment ends.  To send an email to HR click here: