Student Employment

Policies & Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Can my student employee work full-time over the summer if he/she is taking a summer class?
A:  Yes, over the summer your student is rehired into the Bridge Student Assistant classification (1874), and as such, may work up to, but not to exceed, 40 hours per week.  Please remember though, that your student’s primary purpose is to achieve their academic goals, so supervisors should be flexible with their schedule to enable them to attend their classes.

Q:  Are student employees subject to background checks?  
A:  The CSU Background Check Policy (originally effective 8/3/15) has now been revised (effective 12/21/17).  New student employees are subject to background checks if 1) they will be entering a new position working in direct contact with minor children (as required by law), and/or if they will have access to information that is classified as Level 1 - Confidential (see CSU Policy 8065.S02, pg. 64) AND 2) if the student employee has not been cleared by LiveScan (for employment purposes) within the last 12 months.  Background checks must be completed and the student assistant cleared for employment by HR prior to working.

Q:  Can my student work full-time over the winter intersession?
A: If your student is enrolled in one or more winter classes, they may work full-time hours on Non-Instructional “white” days in which they do not have a class (including online classes).  For students that are not enrolled in winter classes, they may work full-time hours on all Non-Instructional “white” days.  (Refer to Academic Calendar: click here.)

Q:  Should I inform HR if my student resigns from their student assistant position?
A:  Absolutely.  Regardless if the student voluntarily resigns, if the position ends because of lack of funding, or if they are released from their duties for other reasons, HR must be informed when employment ends.  Email Michaela Dole at to report end of employment.


Michaela Dole
Student Employment Assistant
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Veronica Taylor
Employment & Recruitment Manager
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