CSU Learn: Troubleshooting Tips

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I started working at the university, but I still can't access the training system. I get the error, "Could not login with specified username/session." What does this mean?

This error means your data has not been entered into PeopleSoft, so your training account is also inactive. It may take some time (days or weeks) for your record to be complete. The system will automatically notify you (with training notification emails) once you have pending required training.

If you urgently need training to perform your job duties, such as Defensive Driving training if you will operate a vehicle for university business, please contact Human Resources (for staff, MPP and student assistant positions) or Faculty Affairs (for faculty positions) and ask to be keyed in ASAP. It takes roughly 48 hours for CSU Learn to activate your account after your data is entered into PeopleSoft.

I'm already an employee, but when I try to login, I get a "tokens" error. What does this mean?

Did your appointment on campus recently end, or are you currently not in an active position on campus? A "tokens" error means that your appointment is not active in PeopleSoft. Unless you are in an active appointment, you cannot log into the system or complete training.

If you are in an active appointment on campus, and you're getting the "tokens" error, contact Human Resources (for staff, MPP or student assistant positions) or Faculty Affairs (for faculty positions) to find out why your PeopleSoft account is inactive. If that does not solve the problem, contact Kimberly McField, who will investigate further.

I received a notification email that I need to complete training, but when I click on the link, the activity page says "Expired" and "100% Complete." What does this mean? Do I still need to take the training?

If you follow a link in a training notification email and reach an activity page that says "expired" and "100% complete," this means that you've completed this course before (perhaps in Skillport), and your certification has expired. You need to complete this training again to renew your certification.

On the activity page, look for a blue "START" or "REGISTER" button. If you have a "START" button, click on "START" (not the drop-down arrow) and begin the training.

If you see a blue "REGISTER" button, it means you need to register for the course (even though it's been assigned to you) before you can launch it. Follow these steps (or refer to this quick guide):

  1. Click on the blue "REGISTER" button (not the drop-down arrow).
  2. Click on the blue "ADD" button next to the course description.
  3. Click the blue "REGISTER" button on the bottom right corner.
  4. Once the system confirms that you've registered for the course, you can click on the blue "START" button to launch the course.

When you launch a course that you've taken before (even in another LMS, like Skillport), the system may ask if you want to "RESTART" or "REVIEW" the course. If you are taking the course for credit/to recertify, be sure to click on "RESTART." If you click on "REVIEW," the system will allow you to view all of the course content, but it will not record your progress or recertify you.

When I click the blue "START" button to launch a course, I get a message that asks if I want to "RESTART" or "REVIEW" the course. Which one should I select?

When you launch a course, you may get a pop-up (like this one) that asks if you want to restart or review the course. In most cases, you will want to select "RESTART." This starts the training at the beginning, and it records your session. When you complete the course, the system will record your completion on your transcript.

If you select the "REVIEW" option, you can view any section of the course. However, the system does not record this activity, and you will not be recertified or complete the training. The "REVIEW" option should only be used as a reference tool.

I recently logged in and completed the training, but I just received another notification, and the course is still due on my "Assigned Learning" page. What happened?

There may be a few reasons that a course you completed is still due.

  1. For some courses, like Data Security & FERPA, the final page of the training requires you to view a policy in a separate window and then check a box to confirm that you read the policy. If this is the case, re-launch the course (by clicking "START"), go to the last page, and ensure you've checked the box before finishing the training.
  2. You may have manually closed the course pop-up window instead of allowing the system to close the window. If that's the case, you can re-launch the course (by clicking "START), go to the last page, and click whatever button is required to finish the course (e.g., Finish, Close, Accept, etc.). The system will close the window and confirm your progress/completion.
  3. When you launched the course, you reached a pop-up window that asked if you wanted to "RESTART" or "REVIEW" the course. If you clicked on "REVIEW," the system would allow you to access the entire training, but it would not record your progress or recertify you. Please be sure to click on "RESTART" to avoid retaking the course again later.

If none of these solutions worked, please contact Kimberly McField, who will investigate further.

I clicked on an email link to access the course, but I'm unable to start the training from that page. What should I do?

When all else fails, login to CSU Learn directly (https://csu.sumtotal.host/). Click on the "Assigned Learning" button (bottom left corner), and you can view any training that is currently due. Click the blue "START" button next to any course to launch and complete it. If a pop-up windows asks if you want to "RESTART" or "REVIEW" the training, please click "RESTART," so it will record your progress and recertify you.

If you click on "START" and nothing happens, make sure you've enabled pop-ups in your browser. Google Chrome and Firefox work best with the system.

I still have an issue that wasn't answered here. Who should I contact?

If you are experiencing issues not described here, or the troubleshooting tips failed to resolve the problem, please contact Kimberly McField.