Pay for Student Assistants

April 9, 2020

Dear Stan State Student Assistants,

We recognize that balancing virtual education with work and personal responsibilities is challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic and there is uncertainty and concern. Please be assured that we are committed to supporting your academic success and the CSU has provided measures to ensure that you continue to receive your typical pay from your employment as a stateside student assistant. Please carefully read the information below and let your supervisor know if you have any questions.

For the period between March 20 through April 5, the following applies:

  • You will be paid for any hours worked or otherwise scheduled to work.
  • If you were ill, needed to self-isolate, or if your job duties were affected by transitioning to virtual education and on-campus work was not available, you will still be paid for the hours you would have otherwise worked through April 5.

ACTION: Please record your hours worked, or hours you were otherwise scheduled to work, on your timesheet, as normal.

Starting April 6, the following applies:

  • Student assistants who work in essential areas, who are available, and who want to work on campus, may continue to work their regular schedule at their supervisor’s discretion and based upon the operating needs of the department.
  • Student assistants who are not deemed essential for on-campus work should coordinate with their supervisor to determine if working remotely is feasible for your position. Special duties and online training can be assigned and should be discussed with your supervisor. Please speak with your supervisor for more information regarding your work assignments.

ACTION: Please record your hours worked on your timesheet, as normal.

Temporary Paid Administrative Leave for Students

Beginning April 6, if you are unable to work, on campus or remotely, you will be provided with up to a maximum of 128 hours of COVID-19 Temporary Paid Administrative Leave (CPAL) for these purposes:

  • When you cannot work due to your own COVID-19-related illness or that of a family member;
  • When you cannot work because you have been directed by your healthcare provider to not come to the worksite for COVID-19-related reasons;
  • When it is not operationally feasible for you to work remotely; or
  • When you cannot work due to a COVID-19-related school or daycare closure, you must be at home with a child or dependent, and it is not operationally feasible for you to work remotely or in conjunction with the childcare commitment.

You are eligible for up to 128 hours of CPAL prorated based on your work schedule for the spring 2020 semester to use as follows:

  • You may use your CPAL hours any time between April 6 through May 29, intermittently and with the approval of your supervisor. You should not continue to work past May 29, 2020 unless you receive a notice from HR or your supervisor regarding a summer appointment.
  • If you are approved by your supervisor to work a reduced work schedule, you may use partial CPAL to offset the difference in hours you would have otherwise been scheduled to work.

ACTION: You will need to record your CPAL hours on your Timesheet using the CPAL reason code. The CPAL code is not yet set up in the timesheet, but it will be by the end of the April pay period. Please standby for further instructions once the timesheet is updated by the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

NOTE: The above information applies to stateside student employees including: Student Assistants (job code 1870), On-Campus Work-Study (job code 1871), Bridge Student Assistants (job code 1874), Non-Resident Alien Student Assistants (job code 1868) and Represented Student Assistants in Unit 11.

Payday & Paycheck Distribution

April 15, 2020 Non-Master Payday for March 2020 Pay Period (Student Pay, Hourly Intermittent Pay, Overtime, Shift)

April non-master paycheck pick-up will be provided to those employees who are not enrolled in Direct Deposit. Checks will be made available at University Circle near lot 1; and we will be applying a drive-thru process according to last name and time schedule:

Last names: A-M, 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
Last names: N-Z, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Please note: Signs will designate lanes and we ask that you remain in your cars. An ID is required for pick up. Please bring a pen as a signature will be required for check pick-up.

Paychecks not picked up on this day will continue to be available for pick up during Cashier’s reduced hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you need your check mailed, please contact Human Resources at or

If you need someone else to pick up your check for you, they must present the 3rd Party Authorization to Pick up Payroll Check form. It must be filled out by you and given to them prior to pick up. They must also present an ID with the form.

Direct deposit advices will be available when the campus returns to normal business operations by means of regular Payroll distribution in the Cashier’s Office.

Information about the distribution of live paychecks on April 15, 2020 is also available on the FAQs page for reference.

As a reminder, please do not come to work if you are feeling ill with flu-like symptoms; stay home and immediately contact your healthcare provider or the Student Health Center at (209) 667-3396. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the impacts of COVID-19, we strongly encourage you to contact Psychological Counseling Services at (209) 667-3381 to access counseling services available to all students.

Please know that you are a valuable part of Stanislaus State’s community. Please continue to communicate with your supervisor and look for more updates in the days and weeks to come.


Julie Johnson
Senior Associate Vice President