Stanislaus State CHRS Recruiting Project Team

CHRS Recruiting, Built in Page Up

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Human Resources
(209) 667-3351

Faculty Affairs
(209) 667-3392

Authorizing Sponsors

Ellen Junn, President

Kim Greer, Provost/VP Academic Affairs

Julie Johnson, Sr. AVP Human Resources, Equal Opportunity & Compliance

Reinforcing Sponsors

Rebekah Temple, Director of Human Resources

Jason Myers, AVP Faculty Affairs

Corey Cardoza, Director of Information & Learning Services

Project Management

Marla Clark; Project Manager

Change Management Team

Rebekah Temple & Jason Myers – Change Management Leads

Veronica Taylor, Jason Myers & Marla Clark - Communications

Kim McField & Marie Hirschkorn - Training

Configurations Team

Human Resources Configuration Team:  Rebekah Temple, Marla Clark, Veronica Taylor, Gabby Bughi, Julie Marlow

Faculty Affairs Configuration Team:  Jason Myers, Wendy Miller, Toni Martinez, Nancy Moghadas, Kassidy Liles, Marie Hirschkorn

Information Technology/Security

Corey Cardoza, Director of Information & Learning Services

Steven Teixeira, Application & Database Administrator

John Rezendes, Analyst/Programmer

Marie Hirschkorn, Academic Affairs Technical Analyst

Julie Marlow, Human Resources Technical Analyst

Communications/Web Development

Kristina Stamper, Director for Communications & Creative Services

Cristina Soliz, Marketing Specialist

Mandeep Khaira, Senior Web & Electronic Communications Developer