Living Communities

Communities are made up of people.  An interest or learning community is a purposeful pairing of individuals so that the group can experience connectedness with each other in a way which break barriers, creates support and fosters lifelong learning and friendships.

We offer several community living options.

General Resident Community

Housing Warriors

Residents of the general living community reside amongst a community of peers bonded by their desire to enjoy a full university experience in an environment which challenges them to think critically, engages the mind and encourages personal growth. Members of this community enjoy the convenience of living on campus and greater access to campus resources.

Living Learning Community

This community is open to freshman and upperclass students are are located in our Village III apartments.  Residents live in groups of 4 students per apartment.

Honors Living Community

Members of this community are active participants of the University Honors Program where they participate in year-long integrated curriculum centered on the theme “Knowing Your Place.”  Residential honors students are eligible for scholarships, able to attend exclusive events, and share a love and commitment to personal growth through learning.

Interest Communities

These communities are open to both freshman and upperclass students are located in our Village II apartments.  Residents live in groups of 6 students (double deluxe units).

Sports and Fitness

The Sports and Fitness community is for those who enjoy recreational sports.  Whether playing or watching members of this community are passionate about their teams and committed to a healthy lifestyle characterized by mind, body and soul wellness.

Music and Media

A community of peers connected through their love of pop culture around the world.  Members of this community explore the impact of music, film, television, fashion and theater on society and the individual.

Outdoor Adventure

For students who enjoy being outdoors, challenging themselves through physical activity and exploring nature.  Members of this community enjoy activities such as backpacking, boating, rafting, fishing, skiing/snowboarding and rock climbing.

Politics and Social Justice

Members of this community are committed to providing a voice for their generation through advocacy, awareness and activism.   Through the exploration of history and current events members of the Politics and Social Justice Community educate and lead.