Living Communities

At California State University, Stanislaus we offer a variety of living areas that will assist you with your transition, enhance your residential experience and promote a community atmosphere.   You will be able to choose from a variety of academic linked living learning communities and themed communities.  Each of these areas offer different room types, a wide range of programming events and varying levels of academic support.

There are two categories of communities, with related sub-communities: 

Membership Communities: These communities are directly linked to a specific group, club or have required academic elements.  These communities have eligiblity requirements.

  • Freshman - ELEVATE, Honors and Athletics
  • Upperclass - Honors and Athletics

Themed Communities:  These communities are interest-based and not linked to any academic component or outside commitment.  They are designed to simply help you find others who share a similar lifestyle or approach to college.

  • Freshman - Sports and Fitness, Music and Media, Welcome Home and Housing Scholars
  • Upperclass - Sports and Fintess, Music and Media, Transfer Students, Second Year Experience and General Upperclass Living.

Below are descriptions for each grouping:

ELEVATE "College, Rise to the Occasion"

A first-year living learning community for residents designed to provide additional support as student integrate into our University's academic and residential culture.


  • Integrated first year experience and English 1006/1007 for ELEVATE members
  • Personalized, one-on-one academic advising based on ELEVATE member's interests and aptitudes.
  • Social events and outings just for ELEVATE
  • Advising and peer support geared toward earning your degree in just 4 years!
  • Personalized course recommendations for ELEVATE members to use as a guide during registration  at New Student Orientation.
  • A designated Peer Academic Leader to answer all your questions.

Requirements for admission to this community:

  • Qualifying score on the English Placement Test (EPT)
  • In need of one semester of English remediation
  • Eligible for enrollment in English 1006/1007
  • Demonstrated need for student support programming
  • First-time freshman living in housing


Members of this community are active participants in the University Honors Program where they participate in year long integrated curriculum.


  • Housing rent reductions
  • Social events and outings just for Honors
  • Group study nights
  • Informal hosted group dinners
  • Exclusive events and activities with our Faculty-in-Residence

Requirements for admission to this community:

  • Active participant in the University Honors Program


This community is comprised of student-athletes on university athletic teams.


  • Placement options
  • Social events and outings just for athletes
  • Group study nights
  • Informal hosted group dinners

Requirements for admission to this community:

  • Student athlete on a University athletic team

Sports and Fitness

Designed for a student who enjoys recreational sports and fitness as a part of everyday life.  Floor events will be themed around attending athletic events, participating in intramural sports, friendly competitive games and group workouts.

Music and Media

Meant for a student who enjoys listening to music, exploring different musical genres and embracing today's pop culture and media.  Floor events will be themed around music, concerts, movies, etc.

Welcome Home

Specifically designed for students who live more than 100 miles away fromthe University.

Housing Scholars

Designed for the student who is serious about his or her academics and while you are excited about all of college life, you will likely make daily homework your priority, choose to go to bed early, study in your bedroom and pefer an overall more studious, quiet, living environment.

Transfer Students

A community of students who are familiar with the college process, although new to CSU Stanislaus.  Support for this community will include campus resources, networking and academic and articulation review.

Second Year Experience

A community of students who are in their second year of college.  Floor events will be themed around on and off-campus trips, organization and time managment, major and career exploration and goal planning.

General Upperclass Living

A community for students who opt not to join one of the other theme or membership communities.