International Students

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Welcome to university housing at Stanislaus State.

Living on campus offers International students an easy and convenient living environment which is worry and hassle free. As a member of the on campus residential community your housing cost will include:

  • Rent
  • Meal plan
  • Room furnishings
  • Utilities
  • TV cable
  • Internet
  • Programs and events
  • Academic support

Experience living on campus.  Complete an application today.

7 Easy Steps to Finalize Your Housing Arrangements 

1. Review the types of rooms available and pick the best option for you.  (e.g. do you want to share your bedroom? – if not, pick a single)

2. Read the Housing License Agreement and Administrative Policies and Procedures (e.g. check-in & check-out dates, community living expectations, cancellation policy, refund policy etc.)

3. Understand your dining options.  (e.g. meal plan composition, food taste, food diversity, special dietary needs, etc.)

4. Understand the cost and your payment options.  (e.g. payment obligations, deposit deferment)

  1. Complete the financial planning cost calculator
  2. Understand your payment methods

5. Submit the online housing application.  Click here to access the application.

6. In you are under the age of 18 turn in a Financial Guarantor Form

7. Pay the $250 housing deposit.

8. Register for early arrival if you would like to check-in before August 18, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Housing License Agreement?

The License Agreement is a contract to pay to live in campus housing for a specific duration of time.   

Can I cancel my Housing License Agreement?

A License Agreement can only be cancelled under certain conditions (e.g. marriage, disenrollment, financial hardship).  Someone in an agreement must submit a Petition to Cancel in order for their request to be reviewed. 

Can I live on campus for Fall term only? 

It is important to note that University housing contracts are full year contracts, from August to May. If you are an exchange or international student and you intend to leave the University at the end of the Fall Semester, you must do the following:

  • Register with the Office of International Education for one semester only
  • ​Submit a Petition to Cancel Form by November 30 to the Housing Office

Do I have to have a meal plan? 

Yes, all residential students must have a meal plan.  You can change your meal plan by submitting a form within 10 business days of check-in.

What if I have special dietary needs and don’t want to select a meal plan? 

Exceptions to the meal plan are made under special circumstances.  An applicant can submit a request to the Housing Office which will then be reviewed and approved or denied by the Director of Campus Dining.  Such requests are rare and typically involve food allergies or dietary restrictions which cannot be accommodated by dining staff.

Can I defer my deposit and 1st payment so that I can exchange currency after I arrive in the United States?

Yes.  You can submit a deposit and 1st payment deferment form upon submission of your housing application.

Can I live on campus during the holiday break (Dec. 20-Dec. 31)?

During the winter intersession, the residential facility is closed and secured, with the exception of Year-Round residents or those who opt to pay and stay.   You can request to stay by submitting a form and paying the nightly rate.

Do you have linens and kitchen/cooking sets for rent?

Yes.  Both a linen package and basic cooking set can be rented through the Housing Office.  Charges for this are posted along with your housing cost.