Housing Options

On and Off Campus Living Options

The Turlock community has several off-campus apartment complexes, as well as a few complexes which advertise a “Student Housing Program.”  Many of these complexes are conveniently located near the campus.  These are privately owned- facilities, not affiliated with the University.

The Stanislaus State Student Housing facility is located on the grounds of the University and provides a full scale housing and residential life program, based on national best practices and reflective of our insititional student demographics. 

For the past few years on campus university student housing has reached capacity around the month of May.  Once all the beds are commited a wait list is put into effect for indivdiuals who desire to live on campus.   We know from prior years that many people successfully move off the waitlist into a bed by July.

We know that choosing your living environment is important.  Programs and services vary by whether the housing program is sponsored by the university, or is privately owned.

Our office receives many questions about off campus housing options and the University does not provide endorsements or recommendations.  Instead, we provide information resources to new students, as well as continuing students, to make a choice about which housing option best fits their indivdiual needs.

Below are four information documents which are available:

We are happy to answer questions about our services and programs.  We take great pride in our programs and love to share information about our community.   Below you’ll find some general information about the on campus residential community!

  • 1 in 3 of our residents achieved the University Deans List
  • 58% of the housing community now achieves a GPA of 3.0 or higher each term (and we get better with each year!)
  • First year students who elected to live on campus have a higher 4-year graduation rate than those who opted to live elsewhere
  • 48% of the residential community are first year students
  • 91% of of the resdential community receive some form of Financial Aid
  • 72% of the residential community are the first in their family to go to college
  • Last year 55% of the residential community applied to live on campus a 2nd year