Housing Communities

Three images of students learning and spending time together in groups on campus.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities blend your residential and academic experience, giving you the benefit of connecting with your community faster. Residents take at least one class together each semester, have a faculty mentor and receive integrated support to help with their academic and social transition. You'll make friends easily and excel academically.

To join a Living Learning Community, simply access the "Living Community" section in the housing application and select your preference from the drop-down menu. 

Elevate IconElevate First Year:

Designed to give first-generation college students a high level of integrated support from faculty,  professional staff and peer academic leaders. Take classes with your neighbors, enjoy guided study sessions and free trip. Members could also take advantage of research opportunities.  Available to first year students in Village I

Elevate First Year IconElevate Sophomore:

Designed to give former Elevate students continued support into their sophomore year. You will enroll in a class with your community and enjoy programs focused on succeeding during your second year of college. Available to sophomore students in Village III.

Honors First Year IconHonors First Year:

Live with other students who also participate in the University Honors Program. Enroll in classes with your neighbors, enjoy floor programs linked to course content and attend a free trip with your community. To join this community, you must be accepted to the University Honors Program. This community is available to first year students in Village I.

Social Justice IconSocial Justice:

This community provides a space where you can learn about social justice with a diverse group of students who value identity, knowledge and empowerment. You will enroll in a class to understand how power, oppression and privilege operate in our society. Available to first year students in Village I.

Themed Communities

Themed communities are based on common interests and let you explore interconnections with your neighbors. They are a great way to build community and engage with peers who share similar interests.

Welcome Home IconWelcome Home:

Designed for students who move more than 100 miles away from home. Welcome Home centers on the unique needs of students from outside the region. Available to first year students in Village I and upperclass students in Village III.

Transfer Student IconTransfer Students:

This community is designed to help transfer students connect with each other. It can be difficult to find a social circle on a new campus, but living with other transfer students can make the transition much easier. Available to upperclass students in Village III.

24-Hour Quiet Floor Icon24-Hour Quiet Floor:

If you prefer to live in a quieter community with minimal distractions, the 24-Hour Quiet floor is likely for you. Residents observe quiet hours all day so you can focus on your academics and graduation. Available to upperclass students in Village III.

Rainbow Alliance IconRainbow Alliance

This gender inclusive community welcomes members and allies of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning communities. Residents are committed to inclusivity, open-mindedness, acceptance, activism and eliminating bias. Available to first year students in Village I and upperclass students in Village III.

Warrior Spirit IconWarrior Spirit

Residents receive programming that centers on general college and life skills. Connect with on-campus events and find opportunities to grow as a leader. Available to first year and upperclass students in Village IVillage II and Village III.

International Students

Living on campus offers International students an easy and convenient living environment which is worry and hassle free. Experience living on campus.

Living Community Diagrams by Village

Village I First Year Student Housing

Village II First Year and Upperclass Student Housing

Village III Upperclass Housing