What is the ELEVATE living learning community?

Elevate 1.0 is a fully integrated, first-year living learning community for Housing students who are interested in transitional support during their first year of college! The exclusive program guarantees access to an English stretch course and assistance in enrolling in a foundational math course. 

It also offers one-on-one advising at New Student Orientation (NSO) and throughout students' entire first year. In addition to academic benefits, Elevate members get to live together, take classes together, and enjoy exclusive social events, give-a-ways and perks throughout the year.

When Does Elevate 1.0 Start?

At NSO! Elevate members have a special breakout session where you get to meet the faculty member and receive a personalized advising session.  

When do I Get to Meet the other Elevate 1.0 members?

You will meet some Elevate members at NSO and during Resident Welcome Week in August.

Benefits of the Community:

  • Integrated first-year experience with an English Stretch reserved exclusively for ELEVATE members
  • Reserved seats in Math courses
  • Personalized, one-on-one academic advising based on ELEVATE member's interests and aptitudes
  • Social events and outings exclusively for ELEVATE members
  • Exclusive study sessions and access to laptop computers and free printing
  • Focused support to graduate in 4 years!
  • Personalized course recommendations for ELEVATE members to use as a guide for registration at their New Student Orientation
  • A designated Peer Academic Leader (PAL) available to answer all your questions
  • Faculty Mentorship the will support your college transition
  • Living amidst a connected community of your peers, all experiencing college together for the first time!

How do I get in Elevate 1.0?

  • You can self-select to join the elevate community during your housing appication process.
  • Get recruited! If you are a first generation student or participated in Early Start you would be a great fit for this community.

For more information please contact Ms. Jessica Wojciechowski, Coordinator for Residential Education and the Elevate Program Coordinator at jbettencourt@csustan.edu.