Who is this Community designed for?

First-time freshmen required to take Early Start courses in the summer prior to starting their freshman year.

Benefits of the Community

  • Integrated first-year experience and English 1006/1007 reserved exclusively for ELEVATE members
  • Reserved seats in Math 103 and Math 106
  • Personalized, one-on-one academic advising based on ELEVATE member's interests and aptitudes
  • Social events and outings exclusively for ELEVATE members
  • Advising and peer support geared toward earning your degree in just 4 years!
  • Personalized course recommendations for ELEVATE members to use as a guide for registration at their New Student Orientation
  • A designated Peer Academic Leader (PAL) available to answer all your questions
  • Faculty Mentorship the will support your college transition

Girls outside the dormsRequirements for admission to this community:

  • Taking an Early Start English or Math course during the summer
  • ICommitment to enroll in ELEVATE sections of English 1006/1007
  • First-time freshman living in housing

For more information please contact Ms. Jessica Wojciechowski, Academic and Career Support Coordinator at jbettencourt@csustan.edu.