Dining - Residents

banquet foodBecause We Know Meals Are Important.

Housing and Residential Life works very closely with our campus dining vendor to ensure that our residents have the best possible dining experience. Whether it is taking a trip around the world through themed dinner nights, tasting some down-home family recipes, or eating that traditional mouth watering burger, we guarantee that you’ll find something you like.

Culinary options ranging from fresh and healthy to traditional comfort foods are available through both the main campus dining hall and the Village Cafe. In addition, those with medically required special diets need not fear as appropriate meals will be prepared when prescribed and approved in writing by a medical doctor. By becoming a member of the Village family you are not only on the fast track to academic success, you get to take advantage of a wide variety of meal choices and cooking is optional!

Choosing a Meal Plan

Campus Dining Services offers residents several meal plan options. Meal plans are required for all campus housing contracts.

  • Residential students may purchase meals at the following locations:
    • Main Dining:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered Monday-Friday. 
    • Warrior Grill:  Lunch and dinner are offered Monday-Friday.
    • Village Cafe: Brunch and dinner are offered Saturday-Sunday. 
    • Pop's Convenience Store:  General supplies are offered Monday-Friday and Saturdays
    • MSR Coffee Cafe: Coffee and breakfast and lunch items are offered Monday-Friday.

Flex dollars and block meals can be used at any of the 5 campus dining locations referenced above.  Flex funds function as a declining amount of dollars loaded onto a student card twice per year.  A block is a single equivalent meal.  


First Year
Meal Plans
Total for the Year Daily Rate Equivalent
Option A
Total Cost: $3,476.09
80 blocks
$908.84 flex
80 blocks
$908.85 flex

160 block meals
$1,817.69 flex

Option B
Total Cost: $3,715.23
100 blocks
$849.76 flex
100 blocks
$849.76 flex
200 block meals
$1,699.52 flex
Second Year & Upperclass
Meal Plans

Total for the Year

Daily Rate Equivalent
Option C
Total Cost: $956.69
$478.34 flex $478.35 flex $956.69 flex $3.72
Option D
Total Cost: $1,442.00
$721.00 flex $721.00 flex $1,442.00 flex $5.61
Option E
Total Cost: $2,163.00
$1,081.50 flex $1,081.50 flex $2,163.00 flex $8.41
Note:  Meal plans A and B are also available to second year and above residents.

Warrior Card

Meal plans are administered through your Warrior Card, which functions both as a university ID and as a declining dollar card. Meal plan dollars are assigned on an annual basis and are allocated by semester.

How Do I Add Money to My Card?

Students who wish to add additional dollars to their card or learn more about the uses of their Warrior Card may do so by visiting the Warrior Card website athttp://www.warriorcard.com. The dollars you add (in Warrior Cash) can be used in the bookstore, dining, etc. (these are distinct from meal plan dollars).

plate of salad

Where Can I Spend My Meal Plan Money?

That’s simple. During the operating hours of any Campus Dining Facility, including:

  • Main Dining
  • Warrior Grill
  • Pop’s Convenience Store
  • Village Café
  • MSR Coffee Cafe

Unused meal plan balances will roll forward from one semester to the next, but must be used during the academic year for which they are purchased.  Meal plan funds must be expended the last day of the contract period. Funds not expended are forfeit to Campus Dining.

Learn more about our campus dining vendor Chartwell's by visiting their website Dine On Campus.